Hi guys, Hope all is good.
Quick question. Should the tongue be flat and low as possible when playing.
Normally i don’t even think about the position.
Thanks guys.

I put the tip of my tongue on the back side of my bottom teeth, Then when you get ready to learn
how to bend it’s in the right position you just have to slide tip down a little till you hear it bend.

harp On

Thanks Joe. I think I’ve got into bad habits already (been playing for 5 weeks now).
I have no problem bending (Just bought a Suzuki Promaster, Even easier bending than my sp 20) and I’m 100%
happy with my progress. If tongue at the bottom is better in the long run. I will change.
Back to the drawing board for me. All the best.

Many questions/comments arise when discussing that thing called ‘the tongue.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is, as it’s an important part of technique using mouth, lips, diaphragm etc…

We have to know or become more aware of what the tongue is actually doing.

And once we know, then we can consciously control/use it. :slight_smile:

From JP’s lessons, here’s a thread to help you/everyone more along the way:!/


Good Luck!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)