What tools do you use to open, customize, and/or repair your harp? I don’t want to just improv, and possibly mess up my harp. Are these tools easyto find, and is it hard to customize a harp?

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Is the 2 draw problem only with the Special 20? You know how you need to find the right mouth position to get the right sound out of draw 2. Does that happen only to the Special 20?

Here is some links to maintenance tools if you want to go there, Not for me. Maybe someday I’ll tool around with it.

Every time I’ve tried I end up with my Harp in the trash :’(

[tt]Warning practice on a junk harp before you start dissecting a good harp ;)[/tt]

2D problem I believe is more often than not got nothing to do with your harp but your technique Keep practicing, it is a tough

I mean it is possible that there could be something wrong with your harp but chances are it’s technique. Remember drop the back of your
tongue to get good air flow when drawing on that 2D. And make sure good seal is formed around that 2 hole. Practice practice practice… :stuck_out_tongue:

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No matter what harmonica you buy and now matter who set it up 2 draw is going to require work to get a good sound. The relationship between the size of the blow and draw reeds make this hole bend very easily. The problem people run into with it is that if you play it like any other hole it bends and chokes. This is the only hole on the harmonica you have to learn not to bend. I honestly didn’t get a good 2 draw until I learned to bend the other notes. Once I figured out what makes a note bend I figured out how to “unbend” the two draw. You can try pressing the tip of your tongue into the bottom of your lower front teeth. For me that helped flatten out the back of it.

Howdy Ace!

What tools do you use to open, customize, and/or repair your harp?

Well I started with a Lee Oskar tool kit:

Moved over to Rupert Oysler:

And Richard Sleigh:

I also invested in a toolkit from David Payne; and Sleigh again:
Cajun Harmonica Tool Kit Broadcast

I don't want to just improv, and possibly mess up my harp. Are these tools easy to find, and is it hard to customize a harp?

For me, I do maintenance as outlined above as well as through YouTube Palmheroes Jimmy and others.

It takes times; but even JP learned too.

I have yet to tackle ‘tuning’ - because I have to understand the ways the individual harps are set up with Equal, Just Intonation, Compromised Tuning, etc.

I have my questions on all of this, and am readily searching for my answers. Anywho…

Some people never touch the insides of their harps ever. If it goes bad or doesn’t work, they go out and buy another. Even Howard Levy said in an interview that it took him years to open up a harp because he wasn’t aware of what to do.

Now he knows something about it out of necessesity; but also relies on more informed others to work on them for him. He’s the great Howard Levy - so cool beans!

For the rest of us - Well, I wouldn’t suggest taking out your Christmas present and start digging through the reed plates right off the bat!

But it might be good to invest in a Lee Oskar tool kit; and when you’re ready to, slowly go into your Spec 20.

Thing is though, you’ll need a small straight screwdriver becase that’s what holds the covers on those.

Bottom line: It takes time and patience. And yes, it is worth it.

Yet before you do all that too, this topic might help you get prepared for what’s in store for you:!/

Hope this helps!


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