Total beginner needing help!

Ok, I have recently found a Harmonica with 10 holes, its called ‘Kay Harmonica Chicago Blues’ I have had this for about 10-7 years when I was approximately 7 years of age. For a few weeks now I have been inspired by Stevie Wonder and wish to play the song ‘Isn’t She Lovely’, but I have no idea about harmonicas so can you guys tell me what to do to start off please??? ???


I’ve no idea what that Kay harmonica is, or where it came from, or who made it. Others may, but not lil ole me. Hehehe!

However, in starting your journey into the wide and vast Harmonica Universe, you, like all of us have done and do is: just start somewhere.

As you read through these forum posts, other forums and their posts, check out all the youtube clips and links you can find – Well, you’ve taken the first step, eh?!

And btw, Stevie plays a chromatic-style harmonica on most of recordings. But good luck with that as well.



Keep On Harpin’!

Ahhh thank you! I have been doing that, I found I have a diatonic harmonica, now I think i have to learn how to play one key! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean 1 key or 1 hole (at a time)? I’m guessing 1 hole at a time.
This is where most people start, learn to play just 1 hole without hitting the others. Next learn to move around the harp and just hit 1 hole at a time. Learn some simple songs first ie. Mary had a Little Lamb, Oh Suzanna, Commin’ Round the Mountain, etc, to learn your way around the harmonica and become a little musical and fluid moving from note to note. When you think your ready to tackle “Isn’t She Lovely” go to to find the song tabbed out for you!
Good Luck!

Yeah, and after you get the basics of diatonic down, you’ll need to move on to chromatic for Stevie’s “Isn’t She Lovely” :o

Yes Stevie plays it with the Chromatic. If you want to play it like Mr. Wonder you will have to get a Chromatic.
If you are willing to settle with playing the diatonic here are the tabs…
Have Fun :slight_smile:

Do you mean 1 key or 1 hole?

That’s all we’d need there, PB – A one key, one hole harmonica!!

And we’d still have peeps writing in and saying: “I can’t get this thing to play right; is it broken?” “How do I bend?” “I got the $2 cheaper one an hour ago, should I have gotten the better $5 one instead?” “Which one do you recommend I start with - The wooden comb or the plastic one?!” The list would just go on and on…

Oh, the nightmare! Oh, the humanity!


Keep On Harpin’!