Training Tip

Hi Guys,
Just a quick tip that may help the real beginners amongst us.
When I have gone through a practice session sometimes things go well, sometimes things go not so well. I have found that if I finish the practice session and things have no gone too well I go away feeling all negative and grumpy about the Harmonica and myself. My tip is this, if things haven’t gone well make sure you go back and finish the session on something you have done previously that you have done well. Make sure you finish the session on a positive note, even if it is something simple like a nursery rhyme you can play all the way through or single note practice, anything as long as you finish the session on a positive note feeling good about the Harmonica and yourself.
Hope this helps

Thanks Blue,

Happens to me also and I need that reminder to stay positive you’ll have ups and downs.

Good advice.

Harp On!!

Blue, that is excellent advice used by many pros on many instruments.
This is even more important for beginners. But FINISHING the lesson
no matter how well we’re doing with it is important. Go slow, and if you
can’t get through it, keep working on that lesson until it is mastered perfectly.
Well said BLUE!


That’s one of the reasons I NEVER call it practice, rather I’m always just playing the harp and trying different things. Somethings that I try work and some don’t, but I never think of it as practice, it’s always “just playing”, and when you think of it as just playin it ALL works. When ever I’m playing I’m always happy regardless of the outcome!


I agree now with your more Barry than I ever did. I’ve been concentrating lately on learning to play blues, and laying off tunes
for a while. I noticed when I was learning tunes I felt I needed to practice, but now concentrating more on the blues its more like
just playing.

Playing over and over again and having fun it teaches me, where the right notes fit. (mostly improvising) but still need to play
the right notes. Two bars over the one chord, one bar over the IV chord back to the one etc…

But I feel I’m just mostly playing and having fun rather than practicing.

Lovin the Blues

Harp On!!