trouble getting smooth transition between notes

Hi All,

I am practicing the more advanced 3 beat lead patterns on DVD 5 of 9. 4j 4j 4j/4s/4j 3s 2s Toodle then Tucka Toodle x2.

Listening to JP play I hear a smooth transition from the 4j/4s/4j to the 3s 2s notes. When I play these I hear a distinctive step between the notes.

I don’t know how else to describe this. It’s like there is a very slight pause as I transition to the 3s 2s. I am not stopping but there is this noticeable step between the notes whereas when I listen to JP I do not notice this phenomenon.

I hope you understand what I am trying to describe so that maybe someone has some suggestions as to how to overcome this noticeable step.


First off I am confused as to what the “j” stands for I am familiar with “b” for blow, “s” for suck/draw.
I would suggest recording yourself playing and see if you still hear it in the recording. You hear lots of stuff as the player most people don’t hear in the audience.
Please clarify the “j” and there may be more advice!

Thanks for the reply. I do intend to begin recording myself trying to figure out what mic I should buy.

The “j” is used by JP to denote bending.


I just use the mic built into my laptop. I’ll get a mic when I am ready to buy an amp. I would just get an inexpensive mic for the computer if it doesn’t have one built in. You mainly want to hear yourself as others hear you you’re not trying to increase volume or play with a band yet.

Practice, Practice, Practice.