Trouble with an A harp

Have been practicing with a Hohner Special 20 C Harp and thought i’d try out a Special 20 A harp. Is it normal to find an A harp difficult to bend and play well after only playing on a C harp.My bend notes which sound ok on the C harp sound pretty rough and blowy with the A and are a lot more difficult to even get bends on some notes. :frowning:

Howdy Chuzzywuzzy!

Actually, I find Spec20 A easier to bend than the C. That’s why some harmonica teachers build their courses around the less former than the more popular latter.

The A is lower pitched and bluesier than the C, so you may be hearing the differences and not exactly correlating them yet. It just takes time.

And if you can draw bend notes on C and not on A yet – I’d work on strengthening my technique. That takes time too!

Hope this helps!


Keep On Harpin’!

Cheers for the quick reply.I daren’t say ‘is my harp faulty’ as i know that old line comes up all the time .I was expecting it to be the same playing wise but it seems like it needs more air to get the right sounds. You are probably right though that my technique needs improvement. Alsd do the reeds tend to loosen up over time with bending etc as i only got the A harp yesterday so maybe i’m just being a bit impatient !

Howdy Chuzzywuzzy!

Being that the Hohner Spec20s are considered by many to be the easiest, most maintenance-free OOB harps on the market –

That’s why they’re highly recommended for beginners, newbies, etc.

Unless there’s something really odd or unusual about your particular Spec20 A – which I actually doubt – Feel comfortable in the knowledge that you do have a good instrument to learn/play on.

And that will give you the confidence to concentrate better on such things as developing stronger techniques et al. Again, it just takes TIME!

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

The lower pitched harps do take more air so that may be what you are fighting, and there are slight differences in the mouth shape and tongue position necessary to bend on the different keys. This is probably what you are noticing. Just experiment and it will get better.