Trouble with - er - well, y'know...

I have a problem I hope you good, kind, tactful and understanding people can help me with. :-[

Getting a bit more proficient and getting the hang of breathing, good tone, etc but when I try some more enthusiastic playing I end up with - sorry about this - too much spit. Saliva production gets a bit carried away and I find I have to stop or drown or else have it dribbling down my shirt, and I’m not old enough to dribble yet! Well, ok maybe not that bad, but it’s getting on me nerves! Is there a time-honoured and proven way of dealing with it? I do have the other way round as well - dry mouth on occasions, but not often. I can’t be the only one… can I??

I was there with you fj especially when playing tunes that had bends in it.
I tried everything including tiny pieces of paper towel rolled up and put
underneath my bottom lip. Nothing I tried really helped but will be
interested to hear some of the responses hear

harp ON!!

Is there a time-honored and proven way of dealing with it?
Well, er, um, the only thing that helps is like, y'know - Time!! ;)!/

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Aaaahhh - so. Thank you Oh great and wise SPD. And Joe. 8)

“Baby Mouth” - I thought it was me age, but maybe the other way around! :wink:

All these brand new and exciting experiences I’m finding out about playing harmonica make that life so much fun!! So - anything else I should know about?

  1. Play!

  2. Research & Read!

  3. Research & Read Some More!

  4. Play Some More!

Gotta have a plan, man! :slight_smile:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

  1. Doin’ it!

2)Doin’ It!

3)Gonna do that!

4)Gonna do that too! Definately! 8)

O, yes indeedee! ;D

We’re going back to Italy this year for our 6th visit and they are MAD on blues and jazz! So - Got harp! Already Travelling! Taking it (them - should have more by then!) with me and want to be able to jam, that’s my plan - man 8)

Thanks SPD!

Do you tap the harp out before and after you start playing? I’ve learned that tapping it out every so often helps the harp to last longer. And also, when you get to your draw notes, draw in hard enough to pull any spit out, but not so hard that you pull the reeds out. ;D And also learning to swallow in between breaths is a good skill to have as well. That’s my two cents, and if you think that it wasn’t worth two cents, I’ll just raise the price next time! ;D

I just spit it out over the top of the harp. It’s a good way to vent some of that built up air in your lounges ;D

It also keeps the audience from getting too close.

lol! I’m reminded of the dude that puts tic-tacs in his mouth, fake trips, spits them out, and then asks people to help him pick up his teeth. LOL!