Trouble with hole six and up

I am having trouble getting a good tone on the holes six and up. Any suggestions? The notes often sound choked off. Like some of the lower notes if you try to bend them too far. They just don’t sound.

If you feel like you are missing notes with a 10-hole Harmonica, it is much worse when you can only play five of the holes.

I have only been playing a short time myself, about 2 months, but I know it can get a bit frustrating when your not getting the clear notes you want.
I would suggest a few things to try…
First, try blowing and drawing less vigorously. Sometimes when you blow too hard you can get a muffled sound.
Also, check the position of the harp in your mouth. Make sure it’s deep inside and you have the right angle. You might try adjusting the angle of the harp to see if the tone will improve.
Last, I might suggest making sure you change the shape of your bottom lip drawing the lip closer together. You may be letting too much air into the blow or draw so you end up hearing that muffled sound.
Being fairly new, these suggestions have oftened worked for me and I think they’re worth trying
Good Luck!!! :slight_smile:

Superpoppy hit the nail on the head! The higher notes reeds are shorter and it actually takes LESS air to get them to respond. Imagine a shutter on a window tapping as a breeze blows thru the window. Now increase that breeze to storm winds, the shutter pushes open and stays there.
Shape of the mouth is correct too! For me it was making a larger mouth cavity. Imagine having a large bit of HOT potato in your mouth and you can’t spit it out, or that feeling of your mouth expanding just before you yawn.

thanks, for the help. I have been practicing a bit and am starting to get a little better. I found the tabs for Auld lang syne and have been working on it. It has the both the 6 draw and blow. When I really concentrate I can get it. It seems like I am enlarging my mouth cavity to get the note. Perhaps soft pallet too? I still can’t really control or even really know what my soft pallet is doing. More practice!

Getting better. The 6 hole just seems really easy to start a pre-bend. I found out that I was also not quite centered on the hole. partially blocking the hole started to bend the 6 draw, in a bad way. Focusing on a larger mouth cavity and being centered have helped. More practice is helping.