Truly Unique Custom Harmonica Cases, international postage, affordable prices.

Hi Guys,

Just updated my website and given it a new look plus more photos and reviews of my cases.

I now have an online shop selling Suzuki and seydel harmonicas and accessories including a new range of standard aluminium cases with custom cut inserts for those who cant wait the 30 day build time for a custom case.

If you dont know about me-

I build truly bespoke harmonica case, hand crafted from the finest materials and more affordable than you think.

My cases are sturdy, durable and built to last.

There is even the optional unique feature of being microphone stand attachable.

All aspects of my case designs can be completely customized to accomodate just about any shape, purpose, style, shell, cover, lid, fittings, insert and more.

The options are endless!!! 100& customizable!!!

If you cant see it I can still build it!

I provides a one to one design service and will build to your exact specifications and budget.

Whether you want a case based on one you have seen in my galleries (like my mic stand attachable signiture cases), a totally new one off design, a standard aluminium case from my online shop or to send me your own design ideas for me to build, I am dedicated to creating your perfect case.

I look forwarding to hopefully hearing from some of you in the future.


Slims custom harmonica cases. Black case on mic stand..JPG

They look great! Now I just need enough harmonicas to fill one!


Very nice site, Slim! :slight_smile:

When I’m ready to get all my favorite harps in one place and accessorize, you’re definitely on my radar screen now! :wink:

Much luck and even more success to you and your fiance Stacie! :smiley:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!”