Tuning A Tremolo

Hey there, Harpin’ Buds;
I have a 16 hole tremolo harp I bought off ebay for .99. It has clear blue cover plates, plastic comb, & excellent brass reed plates, affixed with numerous screws. It has an awesome sound; but, is out of tune in half the holes! I have the tools, the know-how, dexterity; but, I lack the musical note knowledge necessary to distinguish which way to tune. I found a couple cool websites that explain the tuning technique very clearly. My problem is that I don’t know if a flat note is higher or lower; & the likewise, if a sharp is up or down.
I have a 20 hole Mississippi tremolo that is stunning in sound & ease of play!!! Even my local music shop owner decided to order one, after he heard mine. The point is; I can compare notes between the two harps; but, again, I don’t know where to file the reed to bring it in to tune; as I don’t know which flat or sharp means up or down tune. Do y’all get my meaning? You know…if it’s too sharp & I file the tip, it may go the wrong way, right?
Anyway, any help would be appreciated. The tremolo harp has a most wonderful sound! I haven’t learned the scale as yet, and I’m still a total greenhorn (working thru JP’s lesson bundle on diatonic). But, harpin’-around on the tremolo is a blast! and I would love to get this latest harp into tune for obvious reasons. Thanks a bunch…Walboy

When tuning a reed, you want to remove from the top half to raise pitch and from the lower half to lower pitch.

Don’t know anything about tremolos…

Hopefully starting with Pat Missin will you lead you to where you want to go with it:


Good Luck!

Rock on, yo!