Turbo lid

Turbo lid ???

Well… i just read about this a few hours ago. Basically, they are plastic covers placed instead of your metal covers on the special 20 harmonica .It gives a better grip, and very useful for the sharp edges, but some people say that it changes the sound of the harmonica and makes it kinda “muted” and transfers the lively sound of a special 20, so i’m curious if any1 has the turbo lid can share with us his opinion ;D

Yes I do…

I’m still working on my Turbo Harp review. :stuck_out_tongue:

They called and left a message saying to call them tomorrow (Thursday). :slight_smile:

Once I get the full lowdown, and everything is good to go - I’ll lay everything out as promised! :wink:


SPD On The Job

Waiting patiently for ur reply SPD :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Esso,

Here is SPD’s review of the turbo harp - http://www.harmonica.com/forums/harmonica-gear/custom-harmonicas-please-give-your-review-of-the-best-custom-harmonicas/msg2763/#msg2763

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I continue to be both interested and amazed.
How can an instrument with 10 holes, become so complicated?

Ummm don’t know,

I’ll let SPD respond to that when he gets back on,

Harp on!!

Sure thanks! Give it to “Mikey” - he’ll take care of it. Eff that, yo! mwuahahahahahaha! ;D

Seriously though, no bullshit aside - Glad to do whatever little I can for all of us to learn about this great insturment. Makes me um feel wanted! hehehehe!! :-*

Yet rather than me, how about we turn it over to our friend Howard Levy and read what he thought/learned about the harmonica when he first picked it up way back when. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Keep on harpin’!