Turbo lids

Went out on Turbo harp to see the Slider “COOL” Then saw that they were selling a MB turboharp that they set up. Does anyone know if they have palns to sell just the lids for the MB. We all have Marine Bands with bent covers. Hope,Hope,Hope.

Spec20s; Lee Oskars; and MBs…that’s what it says here:


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

The x-ray video and various diagrams they have on there has helped me no end with bending. And overblows come to that. Thanks for posting that - I hadn’t seen Turbolids before. Interesting…

Our review and previous discussions are here:


Hey SPD - did you get the Turboslide? That looks like a LOT of fun. £100+ is a bit OTT for me at the moment but maybe when I’m rich and famous… 8)

Man a-livin’…when i get enuff green in my coffee can…I am going for that turbo slide! The sound byte they had on there almost melted me it was so beautiful!

Well I realize I never wrote a review for Doc Antaki’s TurboSlide…

Those of us here who go over to Seamus’ chat room have been able to see and hear me play it.

Although I myself am not a big fan of them, however, if anybody is interested in getting one – Mine is in the key of D; been lightly used; and I offer it at a definitive reduced price for you.

Feel free to contact me via personal message (in the locker room), and we’ll see what’s what!


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)