USA National Anthem (get this gig)

I play a “Hohner Special 20 Country Tuned in the key of G” harp for this song because it naturally has all of the notes without having to overblow. I made this video and emailed it to Baseball Minor League Teams and was invited to perform our National Anthem on the 4th of July for 10,000 people for the Michigan Whitecaps! Then i was invited to perform the Anthem on the Lansing Lugnuts Blues Night. And the big one was playing the Anthem for the Toledo Mudhens. They decided to have a harmonica-night where they gave away 2000 free harmonicas! I played the song, then spent the rest of the game walking around the ball park showing kids and parents how to play a simple song. It was good fun and good for future harmonica players. Anyone can do this gig !


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Wow awesome job bogdon did anyone video tape you doing it at the ball game.

cool stuff

Harp On!!

Each ballpark told me that i’d get a copy of the tape, i never got one yet. The camera guys probably never made a copy. This year i’ll have someone take video. I have a lotta still shots that are good. Every state has minor league teams. I sent out a few hockey and basketball teams around Detroit. I got great seats for free! There’s a charm within the harmonica that just works with sporting events. I recently did the Anthem for a wrestling match too. I got to play the Anthem in the ring and then got great seats!

VERY COOL! I find it interesting that I’ve NEVER heard anyone else play this on the harmonica!

there’s a lot of versions of our National Anthem on youtube. SOme of them are quite awesome because the player bends the notes into place. But i find that experimenting and searching for the right tuned harp works well too. I have a nice little collection of alternative tuned harmonicas. This is played on a Country Tuned Hohner, but works equally well on a “Huang Jazz Harp” in any key. The Anthem isnt really a difficult song to play.

Looks like you are playing the harp upside down. Or am I just imagining it?

Bogdon your holding the harp with your right hand and doing the hand vibrato with your
left that is a little rare…But hey for someone who can play 2 harps at once like you
and play it so well. What else would you expect.

I just noticed that…I’m right handed but harp goes in my left hand

Harp On!!

Correction 3 harps at once checked out your youtube channel listened to the stripper played on 3 harps.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing you did an awesome job.

The Strip Tease (harmonica solo)

Harp On!!

thanx Joe, like they say in show biz “i gotta million of em…”

I play the harp upside down and backwards. The high notes are to my left and the low notes are to my right. The reason i play like that goes back when i was 8 years old. My father handed me a harp and said “here kid, play this…” and i played it how he handed it to me without knowing anything. I just played it and never saw anyone else up close play a harp til i was much older.

The pastor of a church I went to many moons ago also played a harmonica upside down. He said when he was a kid, his dad had a harmonica and gave it to the 3 boys and said that the 1st one to learn to play it could have it. None of them knew anything about it but he was 1st to learn and he learned upside down.

and by the time i realized that i was doing it wrong, it was too late.

I believe Terry McMillan played that way and he did okay.

yep, its totally normal. I’m not doing anything more difficult than anyone else because my brain was programmed this way as i started to play harmonica. So my normal is the same as anyone else’s. It only appears to be unusual.

I’m a righty to me it’s like trying to write with my left hand it
just doesn’t feel comfortable holding it in my right hand.
but very natural holding it in my left hand.

Oh well everyone is different.

Harp On!!