Very new to the harmonica

Hi everyone, I’m from West Sussex England, just started the harmonica course with JP, in my second week now loving it can do a few things now but its going to take time I’m sure, also a ukulele player so these 2 things go well together, be nice to use this forum for ideas to a new player, thanks for looking.

You’ve got this with no problems, and I’m envious. You already know the Ukulele. I’m here in the Orange County, California. The Ukulele is next on my list.

Thank you Rosco, yes love the ukulele I play an 8string kamaka my wife a 4 string we run our club here called Bugs. Really want to learn the harmonica, get yourself a decent ukulele and not a cheap one that’s my advice for the day, cheers again.

Hey Mike,
I’m new as well… moving into my second week. Looking for a harping buddy if youre interested… for that matter… anyone else who would like a buddy so that we can hold each other accountable… I’m up for that…