Very Quiet

Where have all the harmonica players gone? Very quiet on the forum front!


Practicing maybe? :-\

I have redcorated my appartment, so now my computer is standing next to my tv so I can use it to watch movies from. The down side is that it’s not very comfortable to use for anything else, so I’m rarely surfing forums and stuff like that.

Too bad WHISKAT, gonna miss your advise and personal input. :’(

“he ain’t dead…he’s just asleep!” – from ‘Joey’: Bob Dylan’s Desire!

Help me out there :stuck_out_tongue: I am clueless is that from one of his songs ???

Harp On!!

Dammit, man! You really had me going there for a min…whole 10 seconds! :o

Besides ‘The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1’ and ‘Oh Mercy’ of which I had on LPs and virtually wore out listening to – ‘Desire’ gets a lot of listening nowadays on my CD player. :-*

And a Bob Dylan fan who doesn’t know Joey or Desire? :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the real Joe Feeney and what have you done with him, you, you impostor, you?! >:(

Don’t even know why I’m posting these; but until the real JF returns, well here’s the lowdown nevertheless:

I’d say: Rock on, yo –

Instead: Return Our Beloved JF Back To Us, Eh?! :frowning:

AHEM >:( >:( ;D ;D

I am looking at my IPOD right now, I have 26 Dylan Albums and 271 plus Dylan songs never got around to buying
that one.

But guess what it’s downloading now ;D ;D

Thanks SPD was trying to decide on my next Dylan album.

You see he’s only got appx 54 albums and give or take hold on let me get my calculator out back in a minute

Couldn’t count them lost track at like 500 something so I copied and pasted. ;D

'Til I Fell In Love With You

10,000 Men

I shortened the list !!

Harp on!!

And your point is…? ::slight_smile:

I can’t believe he actually listed them all…

I guess I need to buy them all ;D

Tyson it was easier than counting them ;D ;D

McManus whats a Piker ???

Harp On!!

I am such a piker with only 30 Dylan tunes.

They are even in alphabetical order! Nite, all!


I can't believe he actually listed them all...............

Yeah, huh, go figure, eh?! :o


whats a Piker


Go ahead, list every definition for every word you find on this site…I dare ya! >:(

Well better not – dare ya I mean! ;D

Can’t take too much more for such a very quiet place tonight! :-\



Well Barry, maybe many of us are dividing our time between this and other sites.
I’ll be here no matter what. My wife and I get pretty busy doing business (well it produces a little fruit) on the net, so I often am checking out the site but not logging in. BUT I am still here. I’m gonna dance with the one who brung me! JP’s free advice got me started, and I’ll be here until I can afford the whole lesson package (and then I’ll still be here after I finish it).
I think this is the best site with which I’ve ever been involved.
BTW, I’m about to finish a new walking stick, Barry. I’ll email pics when I decide what sort of finish it needs. Some people are starting to ask me to carve sticks for them to buy for Christmas presents. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of something big.


Bob, don’t forget to give me a call before you head down to Albany! Those carved walking sticks are very very well done, you should post some pictures here on the forum for everyone to see.


I would post more, but i’m waiting for my Suzuki Promaster… :-\ It’s been THREE WEEKS, :’( and unfortunately i’m not sure if it has come yet. I’ll probably know tomorrow. Sure Musician’s Friend has no shipping cost and beats any price, but for where i am, they take too long…

P.S. It should’ve came a few days ago because they said two weeks.

P.S.S It is the harmonica.

P.S.S.S The harmonica is the Promaster. :stuck_out_tongue:

I forget where do you live Ace ??? ???

Harp on!!

I’ve been busy learning “O Holy Night”


Except for a busy holiday season, I’ve never waited more than 10 days - including weekends - for any harp delivery.

If you don’t have it by now, somebody has some 'splainin to do!

But too, I thought this was your Xmas present also. So maybe Harmonica Santa is checking his list and seeing what’s what maybe…am just saying…

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

@ G-Man

Next to the “White Christmas” version by the Coasters, that’s my favorite Xmas song of all time.

I don’t care who sings or plays it - even you! It’s always good!!

Keep on Harpin’!