Very Quiet

Sorry. I have been so wrapped up in getting ready to play for Veteran’s Day that I just haven’t had time to play much harp or contribute to the forum. I should be back with some regularity in the coming weeks.

SPD it’s funny you say that’s your favorite because when I was picking out a song to learn for Christmas I couldn’t pick one so I asked my wife what her favorite Christmas song was. When I told her that I was going to learn it she said “I don’t really see that as a song for the harmonica”. That really made me want to nail it, so I am working on it every chance I get and totally in secret. She hasn’t heard a single note of it. It’s going to look like I just magically learned to play it.

I may have to learn white Christmas if I get O Holy night completely polished before Christmas.

That’s the one I picked for playing at church too!
I’m using Celtic Women version for backing unless I find something better.

It really sounds like it may be quieter because everyone is learning a song for a special occasion. Maybe we should all make it a point to post recordings of what we are working on. In my case that will be tough since what I’m working on is a secret. I’ve been working on a version of Amazing Grace too that I could record because it isn’t a secret.

Knock 'em dead, ED!!! O Holy Night sounds really good in Bb or D, my opinion.
I’ll have to explore White Christmas…hmmmmm :-\

Tyman I’m going with the key of A this time.

That will work, got backing track? Post it for all to hear!

Howdy Y’all!

Didn’t really want to start talking Xmas tunes as we’ve barely got past Hallow Trick Or Tweeters er Treaters…{no I don’t do Face Book/Twitter/or anything with stereo speakers either – anywho…}

Yet with all the commercialism of the season nowadays (not like it was way back when, when everything started rolling out after Santa came by on his sleigh at the end of the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving – and with Right & Left Coast Secular Progressives taking the “Christmas” out of Merry Christmas and sucking the life out of the holiday spirit, yet they’ll still be grabbing at your money as you’re buying things in their stores – Whatta bunch of crap! Any wonder why I say: Bah Humbug to them?! But I digress…anywhat…}

Figuring it’s about that time for fellow harpsters and harpsterettes to get their chops all warmed up and wrapped around Christmas tunes [as they’re my favorite to play - And can’t wait until I see the bell ringers so I can go lay some Jingle Bells on 'em] – Well, okay, I’ve always liked the Porky Pig version of Blue Christmas.

I have it on a cd with a mix of others my lady friend made up for me years ago.

Thing is, we originally heard it from a Dr. Demento radio/LP collection. It sounded as though it was done at the Comedy Store or Improv in Los Angeles. The lady laughing in the background really adds something special! You can’t help but laugh too!

Be that as it may, finally researching it out, these are the notes found here:

The song Blue Christmas was originally recorded by Elvis but I would like to present a much better version, sung by one Porky Pig. This song was actually recorded by North Carolina disc jockey Denny Brownlee. When he was threatened by Warner Brothers with a lawsuit, the song was re-released and attributed to “Seymour Swine and the Squealers.”

Some thought this was the actual singer, although he really wasn’t - But you can see why:

Mark McCollum Stand Up - Heavy Metal Fudd (Kill The Wabbit)

Yet as far as Porky Pig goes - This is my favorite clip. Never shown on Saturday morning cartoons, it was revealed in a compilation anthology of what adults were seeing in the movie theaters back when cartoons were meant for them. Enjoy! Keep on Harpin’!

Here take a listen to this guy ;D ;D

Tyson emailed this one to me it’s funny 8)

Tim Hawkins- Old Rock Star Songs

Harp On!!

Hey Joe, I like it. Really cool.
I especially like to hear people make fun of Barf Brooks!


I never said. but i guess i could. I live in…

Well, let’s make this more interesting. Here is a quiz to find out.

  1. It makes a triangle with the Philippines and Japan.
  2. It was on Destination Truth less than two weeks ago.
  3. It is a U.S. territory.
  4. It is surrounded by water.
    5 It is practically a dot on a map or globe.

Hey! Beautiful Guam!!


Hi Ace Your way out there wow,

Are you in the service ???

Harp on!!

Well it isn’t Diego Garcia; or Easter Island – ::slight_smile:

Wow Ace!

Cool way of introducing Guam to us! :wink:

Being as you said you’re still in your teens – along with a few other members here – Well that rules out you being in the service; but how about your parents?

Perhaps military or government work…

Or possibly you’re an actual native of the Pacific Islands…

Cool beans all the way around! :slight_smile:

Helps us all too in better understanding how/why it takes so long for harps you order get out to those territories and your neck of the woods, eh? :smiley:

Keep us posted!


Rock on, yo!

Like SPD said, i’m too young to be in the service or to work at all. I’m actually a native to the islands, i think. Well i was born here, but my entire family wasn’t.

Harps and many other packages don’t take long. If i order something that says 2-5 business days, then it will come in a week (including weekends). This is the first time i’ve experienced a really, really extended waiting time. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK Barry, I’ll post that picture of the walking stick I had started. It looks much different now since it’s about finished, but here’s the raw start. The end may be pretty raw too, but here’s what I’ve been wasting my time on lately when I haven’t been diligently practicing my harp (well this and making repairs to EVERYTHING).

We carve 'em with whistles in 'em and flutes in ‘em. Maybe I can carve a hiking stick with a harpoon in it (a harpin’ harpoon that is, I say, you know…Foghorn Leghorn).


Out of curiousity, what gave it away that it was Guam?

You described the location, etc. very well.


Bob, it just does not get better than this, great talent, great job!