Vibrato ...

Hello everyone, I need help I don’t know how to do the vibrato … I learned how to do the wah wah, play a single note, and I learned how to bend (not really good but still …) and I know how to play the Simpson’s theme and Marie had a little lamb …
But now I want to learn the vibrato … Please help me !! And if you have an idea of what I should learn next, tell me.

And if this can help I have a hohner bluesband, key of c.
Thank you.

My suggestion would be go to YouTube and watch some harmonica lessons.
JP has his way to do Vibrato, Jon Gindick imitates a machine gun in his throat and then learns to do it on the inhale. (I can’t do that one.) The easiest I have found is to bounce your belly while inhaling. This comes from Jason Ricci’s YouTube lessons.
I suggest learning your scales and 2nd position.
What style of music do you want to play? Do you have a goal you want to achieve?

I would like to play blues and rock … My goal is to know how to do the vibrato, and the tong things [sorry, I don’t know what is the name of that thing ], and to play music … Real music not Mary had a little lamb …And can you, please, give me some tips about bending ? Thank you …

The Hohner “Blues Band” model is a very cheap model, not the ideal instrument for learning how to bend.

These guys got it covered! (IMHO)
Harmonica Lesson on Throat Vibrato
Harmonica Lesson: A Short Lesson on Vibrato
Lesson 6: Vibrato!

Vibrato can kinda be a hard term to define…there are as many different ways of doing it as there are harpists!

As for bending,
How to Play the Harmonica: Bending Notes on Harmonica

This is the video that got me started down the track! This video, and hours of practice and pretty soon you’ll sound great! There are no easy ways…just practice!

Hope this helps!


Thanks, BT, that last video really helped me! This is the first time I was able to get the deepest bend on hole 3 (confirmed with Bendometer). Somewhere else I read that it would help to practice bending standing up, and that was how I got it the first time, then I was able to get it sitting now. Still need a lot of practice on controlling them, but it’s progress…

Thats what progress is! One step ahead of the last one! Keep it up!

Glad you got that triple bend down…its excitinating!


Another suggestion is to follow the late, great Norton Buffalo’s advice. He suggested that we think of sucking a thick milkshake through a straw…a REALLY thick shake.

So, assume your pucker position forming a fairly small hole that the air would be somewhat difficult to suck in…then SUCK IN…HARD.

Next, while you continue to suck air through the pucker hole, INTERRUPT that suction with the “reverse of a cough” as was demonstrated on a couple of the videos.

Remember, just as vocalists have very different vibrato speeds…so do harp players. Just because you may not be able to initially do a “reverse cough” nearly as fast as some people can–and you may NEVER be able to be super fast…THAT’S FINE! Many of the most soulful and blusely players on the planet use deep but fairly slow vibrato speeds.

As noted, it takes TIME to develop the throat vibrato. You are actually building muscle strength and control when you practice it so BE PATIENT.

And you can practice without a harp!! Just do the milkshake thing.

The ginger-haired guy is showing a type of articulation, not a vibrato.

JP’s video is more of a tremolo & vibrato mix. I think with throat vibrato, you can’t isolate the vibrato from tremolo (altering volume & sound intensity).

Chris Michalek is demonstrating a pure jaw vibrato technique, which is very versatile for a variety of styles.

Check this out: