Video feedback

Im new here, so if this is already addressed, i apologize…is there a place to get video feedback or critiques from fellow harp enthusiasts? Im pretty isolated when it comes to having other musicians around, so im self taught from videos from this sight! Im just not sure im doing things correctly! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance…


This is a great idea @johnreffitt1962!

There was a thread awhile back regarding posting videos and how it relates to copyright issues.

Notwithstanding, it would be great if we could share videos and/or audios for practice and critique.

Seems like @Luke made a suggestion once about posting the videos to YouTube and tagging them with a specific tag, but I can’t recall now what it was.

I too am open to suggestions :thinking:


You could set the privacy to ‘unlisted’, that way, only people clicking the link posted here in the forum could view them.

One of my videos attracted a copyright claim, I used an old recording of my band playing Hard to Handle as background music.

All that happens, is whomever made the claim receives any income generated. It really won’t be a problem if you’re not making money from them anyway.

Years ago, I used a Kiss song as background music, and the video was actually removed from YouTube, but I think now, it’s been realised that doing that doesn’t generate any money. Now, as far as I’m aware, they just inform you so that you can change it if you want to make money from the video.

I wouldn’t worry about it for what is essentially a private video.


Yep @Dave_Dunn is right on the money. Back in the day I got a copyright strike for teaching how to play Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp! :grimacing: I was incensed!

But these days people have wise up and realized that if you make money on your video, they should just claim that money, and if they don’t, it’s like radio - free publicity.

But if you’re just playing a blues or something, copyright is not a concern anyways, and if you’re not getting hundreds of thousands of views, then it’s not a concern no matter what you play.

As Dave said, when you upload the video to YouTube, just select “private” if you don’t want it to be found by people outside of this forum. Then just click “share” or “copy link” or, when you’re viewing the vid copy and paste the url from your browser, and come to this thread and post it.

You will be met with encouraging, positive critiques, only. This is a safe place!

Hope to see your vid here soon!

Rock on,