Wade Schuman..inspirational harmonica playing

Hey folks,

This video made my jaw drop in amazement:

Lost Fox Train

Amazing skills. Wade is definitely one of my favorite harmonica players.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

  • Ashish

he is that good. nice post

I’ve never seen that guy before, WOW!! ???

How’s he do that. :-\

HOWARD LEVY’sh ya think.

Thanks for posting.

Harp on!!

That’s a special talent!

Enspired! ;D
Wonder if he picked up some stuff from Hal Walker.

HOWARD LEVY'sh ya think.

Well, JF - All he is needs is a big leather hat, a vest and belt with about 10-15 extra harps strapped to his chest, another 20-30 pounds overall, and a mean ole coke habit and “John Popper” here can let the rest of the “Blues Travelers” join in and play! :wink:

Wade is a somewhat obscure harmonica player…not many people know about him. But isn’t he just amazing? He’s a master of the “pre-war” style. You should check out his band - Hazmat Modine. Look it up on YouTube. You’ll find lots of videos.

I exchanged letters with Wade a few years ago. He’s a great guy…very helpful. And did I mention he is also an art professor at the New York Academy of Art? Talk about talent! :slight_smile:




Don’t take it so and/or be that hard on yourself, Joseph!

Methinks talent is subjective and quite personal on an intimate level; yet definitely good/better only on a larger scale if you can/will get anywhere with it!

Take this guy for instance:

Tom Walbank, Harmonica Guru

No doubt he’s great at skill and technique. Would I pay to see him? Probably not, he doesn’t do anything for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now here’s Jason Ricci and one of the most brutally honest interviews I’ve ever seen:

Jason Ricci Interview

One of the things that might turn some people off is his lifestyle; certainly completely yet not totally different from mine. I can/do relate to all the drugs and abusive other things he’s lived and experienced because I deal with people from all walks of life throughout my many travels and beyond. Don’t judge, lest ye be judged - And all that jazz, eh?! :-*

Too though, after watching this interview and a few more by Jason, he gets a good deal of respect and high regard from lil ole me. And I would pay to see him in concert, or hopefully want to run into him during a Jam Camp?! Damn right, I would! :wink:

Bottom line Joe is: You’re absolutely talented when you learn to accept yourself, and want to get to the actual “Me” part of you! Find “Your Own Voice” and your God given talents will sing out from the highest mountain tops, I’m sure of it! :slight_smile:

Peace & SPD Out!

Wow Thanks for posting that SPD, That was awesome I must say both incredible harp players,
Didn’t know that Jason Ricci was gay.

That was very enjoyable to watch…

Harp on!!

yeah he has it listed on his youtube bios and webpages…openly gay jason ricci…

was taken aback first time i saw it…

not homophobic by any means as had some good friends and not so good friends as gay…

but after watching his interviews, and just how professional charming and engaging he is and handles himself throughout - he’s definitely one of the good guys!

Amazing video Ashish.

On the topic of talent… I guess there’s different sorts of talent; in music, for me at least, there’s two sorts of talent:

  1. Technical ability - amazing technical skills, that show mastery of the art, just like in that video Ashish has posted.

  2. Musical ability - amazing music writing/playing skills, that connect with people on an emotional level. Like the second video Street Player posted. I mean, Bob Dylan was hardly the most advanced or skilful player in the world, yet his music has connected to millions and millions of people.

Of course, every now and again you get someone who has both the technical and musical ability who are basically just genius. One that springs to mind, not in the harp world, is Jimi Hendrix.


I was just going through Jp’s free stuff, saw a video with Ashish. Are you the same onthe forum as in the video? You sound great!
May have to ask Santa Claus for JP’s coarse!

That was amazing! The vocal techniques are much like didgeridoo playing. Note-the didj is more properly called a yadaki.


I’m lovin’ this post and all the vids…

I can’t believe it!

This place is hot!


Not only hot, JPster! This joint is… :o Well here…let me show ya instead:

Fats Waller- This Joint Is Jump’in