Wanee Festival

i just bought a new 6 man dome tent from LL Bean and tix for the Wanee Festival. go check out the line up it is going to be cool. http://www.waneefestival.com/

if anyone plans to attend let me know. maybe we can get together.

Sounds like a blast have fun.

Bring your harmnonica

Harp On!!

in our camp site there will be harps and guitars and drums oh my :smiley:

As a lifetime Florida resident i have been to the Live Oak area for shows dating back to the “White Springs Bluegrass Festival” “Friends Of Florida Folk Festival” and later Suwanee Fest. If this is your first time, you are about to experience first hand just how much one can be gouged. The camping price has more than doubled from just last year, and that is just for starters, corporate sponsorship has taken over, and profit is the bottom line. Myself and many friends won’t be attending this year as we are appalled at the audascity to raise the price to camp so drastically.

$188 bucks doesn’t seem to bad for 4 days of camping and 3 full days of music. i have paid more for less lol

i have paid more for less

truer words, 10, truer words… :stuck_out_tongue:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Seems like a bargain and a good time for all.

Harp On!!

Sounds like fun! Wish I could go! Maybe another year…