Want to read on 24- or 48-hole

I’m a newbie and a cheapskate and I bought a 24-hole diatonic Inconceivable, from Swan Harmonica (and a spare). It says 24, but I count 24 on each of 2 rows, which my brain’s left side insists equals 48 holes even though the product is labeled for only 24, which is like a Chevy ad saying it’s as fast as a bicycle. My brain’s right side says the left side is gooder. I already read an introductory book about 10-hole models and want to learn this thing.

Where can I read about the differences in learning to play models with 48 or 24 holes compared to a ten-hole model? I’m happy to read on the Web or in books.

I’m generally not inclined to try to disassemble cheap things, lest a spring launch a screw to Mars, so I don’t know if the reeds are different on the two rows, or if there are two rows of reeds. I experimented with tape on the rows to blow or draw one row at a time, and a hole here and there doesn’t blow or is very quiet, so maybe both rows when breathed through the same way are designed to produce identical notes. Generally, maybe always, blowing and drawing do produce different notes, so that’s like models with 10 holes, but that’s not based on blocking holes for single-note purity, because I’m not good enough to be bad, never mind mastering that family of techniques. The 1st through 7th pairs of holes from the left (a pair being vertical) each draws at a higher frequency than does blowing, whereas with the 8th pair and higher the draw note is lower than the blow note. I’m musically too moronic to know what the key is or if the far left is at the same note as with ten-hole models in the same key.

I like reading even without an excuse to delay practicing. (And I’m procrastinating on figuring out how to tongue anything, especially two rows.)

(By the way, I don’t think the left-right dichotomy is accepted science anymore. I was joking about my neurology.)

Any links could be helpful. I tried Googling and didn’t find much. Thank you kindly.