Watch for Biscuits

Be on the lookout for “Biscuits,” my friend whom I hope will be joining us soon.



pre welcome

hope you join in for a bit


Mustard and biscuits huh…!

Maybe we can form a harp band…Biscuits and Groovy.


Biscuits and Jam!

Even better, but here in the South we pronounce it jeeelley.


Hey, I’m from Tennessee! Jelly is clear, Jam has all the pigments,seeds and all in it, (just like the music). That was educated to me by several hometown country women, a lesson I will never forget. It was a very heart-felt correction given to me at a church social.

Around here jam is either a Yankee word for preserves or what you do to get your '64 Chevy pickup in reverse (bad spelling though). LOL
I really don’t care what it’s called as long as I can have it on my biscuits or toast. We do get in jams from time to time here, and it can be quite sticky. All joking aside (Do you really believe I can stop?!) I knew better than to use the term jeeelly, but I couldn’t figure a way to mispronounce “preserves” on my keyboard. I didn’t do too well with jeeelly.
I do like playing with the biscuits and the jam handle. That’s really gravy…I mean…groovy. Dig it?
Man what a flashback those words caused! That was outta sight! Far out!
If I called myself Hambone, we could be Ham Biscuits. Maybe Ham Jam.
RamJam…no that’s taken, and I don’t look sheepish.
The Doughboys, and then people could poke us in our bellies to hear us chuckle like the real fake doughboy.
I’d better go before Age kicks me outta here! Are tired jokes illegal?
Anyway, I’m doing well on my 270, and really enjoying it. I still can’t wait to get my hands on a 4 octave harmonica so I can get low for some of those great gospel songs. I love George Yonce (late great bass singer), and I’ve been playing along with some of his tunes. That extra octave will be what I need to get what I’m looking for on those.
Until then…Thanks for the fellowship, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


Well here I am Biscuits 8) I hope to iearn so much from this i really do want to learn how to play .

Howdy boy!
I’ll see you in a few minutes.
Now if we can get the first one I mentioned on here, it would be great.
But y’all are gonna like biscuits. Who wouldn’t?


Welcome Biscuits! I’m glad your not an imaginary friend. LOL
I don’t think anyone has been talked about so much before they even signed on. Glad to have you with us!

There we go!

Pleased to meet you!

Peace Out