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I work in a fleet maintenance department of a major manufacturer. We service the forklifts and road tractors. We had a truck that would empty one tank and fill the other. My diesel tech plugged the lines on the empty tank to see if it would suck from the full one and it wouldn’t.

I asked if he was going to try to blow some air in it and he said yes. We took off the other fuel line and he was going to put a rag over it to catch any fuel that blew out. I asked him to hold on and I got a ziploc bag so if something came out we would know we found the problem. The clog cleared and some fuel shot out. I started poking at the bag and I felt something squishy. I worked it up with my fingers so I could see it and much to my surprise I saw a well preserved Frog! It was the weirdest result of any diagnostic we have done so far. I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. Talk about the last thing you would expect.

From now on anything that won’t run will be suspected of having “a frog in the fuel system”.

Joe have you heard a stranger diagnostic story than this?

Well just the little old lady who would complain that her car would vibrate and shake >:(

Everytime the tech would take it out to see if he could duplicate the symptom he would
have no luck :stuck_out_tongue:

This went on for weeks and weeks and weeks, the lady continually complaining about the vibration and shake :’(

Finally the pretty smart service manager was able to narrow it down to it was happening at the same time
of day.

So after a lot of thought and scratching his head he decided to take a ride with her at the same time
she always heard and felt the vibration and shaking.

And sure enough it happened on the highway on her way to work,and the diagnosis was the lady would drift off the road and
hit the little rumble pad on the side of the road to warn her that she was swerving.

It’s funny but a true story :wink:

Problem solved keep the car on the road ;D ;D

Harp On!!

Is the economy so bad that we’re going from tigers to frogs in the tanks now?! Sheesh!! :-[

December 21, 2012 and the End of The World can’t seem to get here soon enough it seems!! :stuck_out_tongue:

[u][i][b]Is that a random date you pulled out of your hat SPD

Where did you hear that ???[/b][/i][/u]

Harp On!!

say SPD, been watching that all time classic film(??) 2012

2012 Trailer #2

Haven’t seen the movie, H-Rod! Will have to wait and see if Life imitates Art, eh?!

But am hoping to still be around to witness what happens when the Universe’s shit hits our little Human fans too!