Weekend Funnies - #1


It’s a guy thing - don’t ask… :smiley:


Check this out for a worlds record. Scroll down a little and watch the video


Harp on!!

Guess we’ll have to wait til the movie comes out to see if they made it!

USA! USA! USA! :smiley:

Whether or not they did, still good to enjoy and play along:


Buenos Dias, Tardes or Noches, Jose!

Am curious - Just how in the Snap-On Tool’s name did you get that little slider in on your post?! ::slight_smile:

Ah, forget it…Just figured it out! I put in the url - /url code to wrap around the link itself. And Viola! in Preview it showed up automatically! Go figure!

Carry on then!

Just started storming here, so am going offline for awhile!

Catch up with you laters…

Adios, Amigos & Amigoettes! :wink:


An attemp to break the Guinness record for most harmonicas played at one time was done on Sept. 10 after an Astros game in Houston. They handed out Hohner harps (10,000) to the fans as they entered. They had Pocket Full Of Soul web site and world record attempt stamped on them. The record was 6131 set in China last year. There were Guinness reps on hand to witness the event. Weeelllll, we didn’t make it. The game went into extra innings, we lost and the crowd had thinned out pretty much. We were led by local harp players including Sonny Boy Terry and played Bo Didley’s “I’m A Man” for the required 5 mins. They did the main riff and taught the crowd to do the fill. We were just shy of 5,000. Maybe next year!?!? Anyway they had a Harmonica Jam at a club across the street afterwards, so we went and watched. Had a good time despite not breaking the record.

Ah okay!

Hear that, JF - Now we know for sure!