Weekend Warrior #1

Allright the weekend is here finally lots of time for playing my harp!!

I think I’m gonna work on that Amazing Grace Song that Christelle did.
I wish she posted the tabs for it that would make it easier not easy but
easier to learn…Lots of bent notes I’m sure.

But definitely need to start to take these bent notes seriously and try and
get them down right.

It would be kind of like the next level in harmonica for me…

I would also like to get the backing track that she used for her second performance of it.
Key change that would be challenging.

Wish me luck with it. :wink:

Harp on!!

Been thinking about you all day, Joseph! Well almost…

Didn’t get to bed until after 7 am…but then got up about 12:30, and came online to read some posts.

Had to go out and get my shopping done, but read what you were saying about “expanding” your harmonica horizons! Cool beans!

So I’m in the bank and it’s a long line…I pulled out my Big River Bb and started softly playing…Sure some people heard and turned around to look, but I just did what I do and smiled.

But then, somebody’s cell phone goes off! A big no-no as signs are all over saying please shut them off. But still, you know how peeps are, eh? But it’s playing…get this: Dixie!

I heard the call and responded! Peeps actually applauded!! Cool beans! And fun!

Yeppers, it’s the weekend already! Hope there’s no Snap-On Tools emergencies anywhere in CT going on for you?! Hehe!!

And of course I wish you luck, pal! I’m not that big of a prick, dont’cha know?! mwhahahahahaha!!

Seriously, Joe, no bullshit aside, go for it, and keep us posted!

Me, I’ll be in an out of the forum all weekend long. Got things to write, stuff to do, people to hang/correspond with! Y’know, all the good shit, my friend!

So we’ll catch up here and there as we can! Until then, time now to crack these cold beers open and get this party started!

And Go Joe Go!

Laters dude!

I’m Loving this,

At my last stop today its a lawnmower shop fairly new and fairly large, but the guy hasn’t been doing much
for business all year so most of his inventory including the sit down lawnmower’s and all the push behinds
have been disappearing.

I walked in no one there unbelievable acoustics since the shop is almost empty, pretty large shop too.

I pull out my harmonica and I let lose. Walk closer to the register still don’t see anyone played even louder
real loud looked behind the register toward the service area couldn’t see anyone. Walked back there I can
cause I’m Snappy Joe the Tool Man. He’s there sitting on his stool working on a lawnmower looks up at me
and smiles…

I love the acoustics in that place always wanted to play. On the way out I told him I was going to play another
tune he said be my guest and as I was playing another customer walked in and heard me and smiled.

My Confidence jumped a few feet today ;D

Harp on!!

Oh sure…now you’re just bragging! >:(


You slay me, Mister Joe Feeney, you just slay me!


Seriously, no bullshit aside, no lightening strikes? No breaking any of the 7 seals? :o

No anything but sheer God a’loving, Spirits a’lifting fun?! :smiley:

You da man, Joe! You da man!

Harp on, dude, harp on!! ;D


While today, Saturday September 11 - many are remembering this time and paying their respects as they should…

Still tomorrow Sunday September 12 is Grandparents Day! :-*

I don’t but if you do, and/or have/know some kids who do - Well just giving you a head’s up is all… :wink:


I’m getting lost in this forum can’t find Christelle’s amazing grace.
tried searching without any luck.

I’ve been practicing that bluesy version of that song all weekend.
I recorded myself quickly and posted up to youtube then was going to copy here
some where for my guys and gals for some Constructive critiscism.

Something happened and it wouldn’t post up on youtube. I’ll take that as a sign
I need a little more practice with it. At least work on it some more so I get the
tab memorized.

In the mean time where is Christelle!!! >:( LOL

Harp on!!

Yeah these forum posts are growing by leaps and bounds…I’m currently in conference with the big cheeses…The changes will be coming shortly…Hoping to straighten and organize this place soon…But for now here you go JF! Enjoy!!

Amazing Grace New Age Version

Amazing Grace - Take 2