Well Yes I am new here!!!

I’m pretty sure I’m in the Introduce Yourself section so HI THERE!!! I’m Linda, new to this forum and I can’t wait to be able to jam like crazy on the harmonica!! I’ve had a harmonica for years, tried a couple different CD or book learn to play programs, but never really stuck with it. I saw the ad for JP’s program and tried the free lessons and knew I had to try this!! I’m on lesson 31 right now and I’m loving it!! I have 4 dogs I take to the dog park every day and I always bring my harmonica and play as we walk around the park. I don’t care what others think, I am learning to play and I never knew it could be so painless and fun!!! My goal is just to be able to play well for my own pleasure. If I could ever play with a group just for fun that would be incredible!!! I have a Lee Oscar Tombo, and a Hohner Special 20 (both C) that I just bought recently. I have a Hohner Golden Melody that I liked a lot but I’ve had it for years and didn’t take very good care of it so it got retired!! I hope to be able to learn a lot here and have fun!!!

Welcome to the forum, Linda. How are you progressing?