What-a-ya like/listen to/play?

I play and listen to the old style Mississippi/Sonny Boy Williamson II blues. I’m not a fan of the Chicago style blues (amplified), listening to James Cotton this past year in Albany everything was amplified, the key board, guitars, mics around the drums and James harmonica and as a result it became nothing more than LOUD noise and you could not hear the singer at all.

I play almost exclusively 2nd position slow blues improv without the sturctured 12 bar blues type music. I rarely play 1st position using tabulature and if I do play a song it’s by ear or improv. I think the reason I like the You Tube Sonny Boy II videos is you can hear and see how to play the harp and it’s not overwhelming with background NOISE or even the amplified harp. I just like the slow, quiet 1920’s and 30’s blues and harp playing of the King Biscuit Band.

What do you guys like listen to and play?


Hey Barry!
I like to listen to it all. I agree that too much amp can make too much noise.
I’m not good enough yet to even start with blues playing. I play mostly melodies, some I make up as I go along (and then they are gone). But I play melodies. When I can get some good instructional material, I’ll start trying some blues and country and gospel.
Good to hear your keyboard, Barry.


Hey Bob, there is some very good instructional material here in Albany waiting for you to pick up free of any charge!


You could probably guess what I like to listen the MOST!! Dylan, He just inspires me to practice and get better
gernerally speaking.

But anything with a harp in it the more the better I like…

I play mostly tunes learn from tab then try and memorize it.

Blues not yet but would love to learn, I think I have got to get a good feel for that style.

Harp on!!

Hey Barry, I just shot you a PM.
Joe, I’ll bet I can guess your favorite artist.
We used to have an older guy who played gospel very Dylan style. It was great.


I have a thing for blues. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. All of it!

I just love the sound of James Cotton on the 100% Cotton album. Rocket 88 has a real nice groove, this song makes me dance. I think that is what I like so much about the chicago style blues, you can really dance to it. But I think chicago blues takes some time to learn how to listen to, I remember I too used to interprate it as only noise, but as I got familiar with the earlier blues I eventually started to dig the amped out stomp and shout feeling of later blues.

I think the first blues album I really listened to was The Folkway years by Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee. Before that I had tried listening to some Muddy Waters and Sonny Boy Williamson, but I didn’t like it.

But all in all I like it all. Delta blues to blues rock, it’s all good :slight_smile:

For those who has spotify here’s a playlist with songs I like, I try to keep it strictly one or two songs by each artist to give it variation:


When it comes to playing I vary as much as in my listening, but I seem to play rhythmic songs with lots of chords when I get in my zone. I also often just sit around and try to think of new riffs or new ways to play.

For those in other countries who clicked on Kat’s link and was unable to open it…

Here’s the reason:


For everyone else –

Rock on, yo!!