What came first - the Harmonica or the Journey

I picked up the harmonica at Christmas; as I had just come back from Nepal and thought that it would be great to learn to play an instrument I could take with me next time I want on a journey.

Thing is now I’ve got to the point where i’m beginning to pick it up and I think I need to go somewhere in order to do a bit of campfire playing.

So current plan is to ditch my job and go travelling - i’m currently thinking about Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and maybe Mexico.

Hmm - so what came first the Harmonica or the Journey; either way live is looking good.

Cheers JP. 8)

Which came first: The Blues or the Blues Man and/or Woman to swing it?! :o

Either way, it worked out! :wink:

Happy trails! :smiley:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)