What genres of music can you play? And what do YOU like to play?

I was just wondering, what kind of musical genres can you play on Harmonica? Where I first had a go at learning to play harmonica years ago, my books were very Blues Harp playing, which is what I associate with harmonica. Can you play Rock, Country, Pop, even Classical? And what do you like to play yourself on the harmonica?

And if you get an ordinary PVG (Piano Vocal Guitar) sheet music book, will you be able to play it on a harmonica, or will you run out of notes you’d be able to play on the harmonica?

i usually play blues, but if you can play blues in 2nd position you can usually play along with rock n roll (my preference not rock). if you can play in 3rd you can usually play along with funk or jazz. if you can play in first you can play along with country do jugband music and negro spirituals. ive heard its possible to play eastern music on harmonica i forget what position but i only play in 1 2 and 3rd. but i love eastern music maybe if i had a custom one made i could.

i cant read music, i play by ear i do play beethovens ode to joy thats it. it should be possible to play piano music on a chromatic harmonica. but i only play chromatic in 3rd and first so a C chromatic i can play in C Db D Eb but not alot of button work.

It is lost on me

I’ve been practicing with Ode To Joy and also with The Blue Danube Waltz. My first song was You Are My Sunshine. Since picking up the two classical pieces, though, I’ve improved a lot!

The harp is a beautiful instrument. We can play music on it and I mean anything. as we get experienced the instrument opens itself.

Enjoy the music

I guess you really can play anything on it. I haven’t tried Chromatic harmonica, it’s meant to let you play all notes isn’t it? I’m afraid I might get confused having to press the button on the side, that changes all the notes I think? I probably need to master the diatonic harmonica first! :slight_smile:

Once you get an ear for the harmonica you find yourself picking up the sound in music you listen to.

I started out with Blues. Really with the Blues Brothers. Great movie, great music. Then I noticed it in Huey Lewis and the News. Pit bull and Ke$ha – Timber has harmonica in it. Just the other day my wife was playing a Garth Brooks album and I heard harmonica in one of the songs. So right there we have Blues, Rock, Dance and country. That’s just off the top of my head. So you can play harmonica with anything you like.

As for Chromatic the only time I remember hearing that harmonica played is in a TV show called “Last of the Summer Wine” I get the impression it’s more of a Jazz harmonica.

Right now I play children’s songs. My five year old loves it and gives me a great simple place to start learning.