What is the STURDIEST pocket harmonica?

What do you find is the sturdiest harmonica to stick in your pocket?
My Marine Band covers are a bit “smushed”.

Odd question to be sure, Mc!

Is that a harmonica in your pocket or are you just…?!?

Well, you know the rest! Mwuahahaha!!

Actually though, believe it or not, my little made in China Piedmont Blues are what I carry around in my shirt pockets. Except for the big blue box they came in, there’s no individual cases for them.

Used to carry them around in my mom’s {RIP} little feet silken socks; but found the softener she used had infused them with that smell.

Got the little harps cleaned though; and just pop one or two into my pocket when going out.

Their durable and stand up quite nicely. Even accidentally dropped them a time or two, but never ever worse for the wear!

Others like my Spec20s, Big Rivers, etc. - All travel in their individual cases always!

Hope this helps!

Rock on, yo!

Whenever I put my GM in my front pocket it goes in my left pocket with my change and
you guessed it the change finds its way inside the harp :-\

I might buy one of them leather pouches to put them in :wink:

That’s a better idea than putting them inside the case they come with

Cargo pants that’s the trick!!

Harp on!!

Seydel’s come with leather cases. Work quite well. Allways carry your harps in a case, you never know what little particles of stuff that could get lodged in the reeds. Then it’s take apart time to clear.

Special 20’s


Agree with special 20. You won’t crush those covers. Mine go in my pocket with the little clear plastic case from my son’s hohner color harmonica.

I told in another thread how I keep my two (all I got right now except for the toy Brelli tremelo my wife bought) in clam shell eyeglass cases. I have an old leather Ray Ban case (and a newer fake leather one) that I can wear on my belt. My Dad’s OLD flight glasses used to live in the leather one…until I wore them out in high school trying to look cool. How about a big folding knife belt sheath? You can get those super cheap. That’s how I carry my favorite trumpet mouthpiece on my belt sometimes.

BB I’m gone!

Hohner actually sells a leather single case with a belt loop and a snap cover.


I can say without bragging, I own at least one of the every major maker and when all things are considered ie; playablility out of the box, tuning, 3 hole and 2hole draw out of the box, price on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, the Hohner Special 20 can’t be beat. BEST HARP FOR THE MONEY HANDS DOWN!!!


I know I know… But it’s a boring harp :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!! Everyone has it (must be a reason) :smiley:

I want a Suzuki Firebreath ;D ;D ;D

If you want a firebreath, eat some ramps. Those are a harsh wild onion kinda thingy we have around here. We have ramp festivals where people actually eat and say they enjoy them. They are pretty good but STRONG.
Anyway, you can have your firebreath for FREE!
Of course it’ll melt the plastic comb in your harp.
AND set your wife’s hair on fire (you won’t have to get close, but don’t worry because she won’t let you…ever again).


B boy

Ramp Festivals,

Never heard of that where you from B Boy ???

Ummmm… Firebreath Harmonica duh!!! lol just kidding cause I know your kiddin

Going to the harmonica jam tomorrow on line.

Harp On!!