What is Your All Time Favorite Harmonica

I don’t know maybe I am nostalgic but I have and always will love my Lee Oskar 1910-C


I dig my Marine Band…but I’ve said that before!


I cannot afford the higher end harps. I am sure they are as different as night and day! I have a Marine Band, I like it’s sound but the reed plates cut my lips until the wood swells, then it is like playing a chainsaw. I haven’t bothered with trimming and sealing it.
I have a set of 7 Special 20s. I like them VERY much and highly recommend them for good affordable harps to learn on, my first two (C&G) are roughly 6 years old and play as well as the day I bought them.(It’s me that has improved ;D).
I have bought a Suzuki BluesMaster. It is a very nice harp, easy to bend, sounds good. This is also a great affordable harp to learn on.
Of these 3 harps I prefer the Special 20. I am thinking about buying a MANJI next. I hope to be able to afford a SEDYLE in the future. I’ve read many great things about these harps. The CROSSOVER is also on my “wanna get list”.

I love Lee Oskar harmonica’s however my favorite harmonica right now to use is he Steve Baker Special 14 hole harmonica in the key of D… http://www.victormorris.com/Hohner_MB365_SBSG I love the warm campy sound on the lower register

This one. The prewar Seydel Bandmaster.

Over the 50 years I’ve played harmonica, I’ve probably owned nearly every diatonic Hohner ever made, but for a general purpose “gigging” harmonica, I’ve found the Big River Harp is great…just a tad warmer than the Special 20, none of the hassles of the wood-combed models like the Marine Band and Blues Harp, and the price isn’t too prohibitive when you use 5 at a gig (A, C, D, E and G).

Am interested in checking out a Suzuki Folkmaster…have heard a lot of good things about those.

It’s a difficult choice, but I guess the Seydel 1847 Noble would be my all time favourite because of its perfectly bright and clear sound.