What key is she using

I’ve been trying to figure out what key she’s using and I think maybe a C or possibly D…Can anyone else confirm or maybe it’s something totally different.
Also at 3:50 of the video can anyone figure out the
riff she does over and over again.

10 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Say You’ll Be Mine

Harp On!![/center]

Hi Joe,

With my limited experience it sounds like a A harp and the riff appears to be a 3draw bend and back to a 2draw but the amplified sound makes it a little difficult for me to be confident. I am sure others will be able to help out.

hi Keith,

I’ve been trying to play that rhythm like she does and cant do it.

She some how circle breathing…

Even with what you said 3D" to 2D there’s no blow notes to get the circular breathing.

Hope someone else can shed some light here. It’s kind of driving me a little crazy.

It’s a simple riff but to do it for that long there’s no way unless theres a blow note involved.


Harp On!!

3B is the same as 2D so that might help you figure something circular out.

Yup I think your right greg she’s got to be doing something with that…

Have you tried to do it…Can you…

harp On!!

Joe> I note doing a search that most of this groups youtube postings are third party postings however they do have their own channel:-


Most Youtubers are generous with their time to assist others so why don’t you send her a message.

Haven’t tried it Joe. If you figure it out keep us posted. I may try it if I get some time, but I’m not that great at figuring things out by ear. My brother may be able to do it though if we don’t come up with anything I’ll ask him.

I have a heck of a time with songs / keys. Like trying to figure out what key some song is being played in. So is there some technique, or is it just trial and error? Sorry about the dumb questions. :-[

This one’s E maybe?

Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore - Paul Brady

Nice version … Star of the County Down … Key?

Star Of The County Down - Irish Folk Song

Three Drunken Maidens … Key?

Tintean - The 3 Drunken Maidens