What key of harmonica do I need to solo over G#min?


I have a song on guitar where I want to play harmonica over the bridge section. The chord progression at this part starts with a G#min(Abmin). What key of harmonica am I going to need to get this done? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would go one step higher if the progresson starts low and proceeds higher.

Whats the song?


Its a song I’ve been working on, an original. At first I was just going to use a guitar solo, but a harmonica would fit a lot better. I like to tune my guitar down a 1/2 step to put me in a vocal range I’m more comfortable with.

Go with the guitar solo over the bridge. Being tuned down to 435hz is going to put any harmonic that isn’t specialy tuned out. Harmonica tunings fall into the 442-443hz range (the act of playing a harmonica causes the pitch to drop into the 440 range). Unless you want to tune a harmonica down to where you are, it won’t work. A minor tuned harmonica would be the way to go if you weren’t tuned down, either an Abmin (first position) or a Dbmin (second position). A chromatic is another alternative, but again, you would have to tune to 440hz. You can try what a guitarist I worked with would do, tune down a full step and play up.
It really fattened up the groove, and my harmonicas didn’t need to be re-tuned.

If you do decide to tune up to 440 another alternative is to play a standard F# harmonica in third position G#/Ab.
“Tune It Or Die”