what kind of harmonica do i own?

hi…i have this harmonica by a company called bee.chinese company.
16 double holes.tremolo harmonica is that what its called?
looks like the df-16 model but with double holes.
im really confused im a beginner
would really appreciate the help

Sounds like you’re describing a tremolo harp; so guess that’s what you have.

Whatever else you’re asking about, well, please clarify.


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what im asking is how do i determine what key is the harmonica in…
and what r the notes on it…as in the chart.
i’ve been playing guitar for around 4 years. so i know about theory and stuff
and i want to know what r the notes on my harmonica

Ah okay…

Well I’ve been able to dig up some information on the 24-hole tremolos here:


Some more on the Bee Chinese ones:

Tremolo Tuned Harmonica

And still yet even more information on their layouts:


I’m thinking the answers for you have to be here somewhere.

Also, being a guitarist, you should probably have a chromatic tuner, eh?

If so, with tuner on and in hand, play the first two notes on the lowest holes. I believe the blow note(s) will be the key of the harp!

Hope this helps!

Keep us posted!

Keep on (tremolo) Harpin’!

Hey SPD tremolo harp lessons over at harmonicaacademy.com.
brand new course there I’m tempted to buy one.

Have you ever played one

Harp On!!

Funny you should ask, JF!

I believe my dad had one; and I carried his harp collection around with me for years. However, somewhere along the way it’s now lost to the ages. :’(

But now, you know I like to buy my harps in sets.

So if I ever plan to go down that road, the following just might be the thing for me. :wink:


NOT! Hehehehe!!! :smiley:

Rock on, yo!

I added it to your basket now you just have to put
your credit card in there and pull the trigger. YUK YUK HE HE HA HA

Harps Away!!!

Gee thanks, pal o’ mine! :slight_smile:

I’ll let Harmonica Santa handle this one though! :wink:

However, ya think if I add some little bells to the 2nd and 4th rows, I’ll be able to join the other bell ringers this holiday season?! :smiley:

Keep On Jingle-Jangle Tremolo Harpin’, Yo! ;D

I believe my friend had a tremolo harp made by Mississippi. It was like four dollars. :stuck_out_tongue:
You have to use so much air to get a sound though. Maybe I’m just playing to many holes at once. :stuck_out_tongue: