What next?

Well, i don’t really know what to do next! :frowning: I know what i CAN do, but i don’t know what i should do. Any advice? What do you do when you’re stuck?

What your heart says is usually the best. It’s usually what you ‘should’ do.

that help any? or make it worse?

Howdy Ace!

Well you don’t say what exactly it is you’re stuck on or with - So I’m going to presume either correctly or otherwise, you just now realized the frustration of being overwhelmed by everything.

Welcome to the Harmonica Universe!

One thing we fellow harpsters and harpsterettes all have in common, whether together or apart – besides learning how to play single notes; our first attempts at bending; discovering why other people’s harmonicas work and wondering if you’re stuck with a piece of crap that doesn’t, on and on – is hitting a wall and becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by anything and everything harmonica!

There’s no magic wand you can wave to change it. There’s no magic potion you can drink to undo it. Not even alcohol. I know, I’ve tried!

But besides all this - The only thing that will ever be able to make it endurable and palatable is going through it; experiencing it; and Time!

Yet as we’ve all given/provided our thoughts, views and personal insights on the subject matter for each other to know we’re not alone and to learn from/about -

At the risk of repeating ourselves ad infinitum, ad naseum, please read through some of the various posts in our discussions and conversations on this very common, widely shared universal harmonica experience:




Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Rock on, yo!

Well i wouldn’t say i’m going to hit the wall. I considered it, but i still want to play. I’m not frustrated at the point where i feel like quitting. I feel more like i just open a door that lead to a huge room with many doors. I know about each door, but i don’t know which to pick. So far i’m going to the “learn a new song” door.

Cool Beans, Ace!

Gotta have a plan…And stay with it, dude!

Doesn’t mean it’s always going to be smooth sailing…But at least you’ll still be in the boat; and hopefully not the life raft waiting to be rescued!

Good luck!

Peace & SPD Out!

Ace, the good news is you don’t have anyone dictating the door for you to take.
I started listening to lots of blues, but decided I wanted to play tunes-I’m not backing a band
I enrolled in the Harmonica Academy, which has side by side blues and tune lessons.
Then I began listening to Dylan and celtic music.
JP published a video with Terry McMillian and I began listening to religious and country, music.
We have such a versatile little instrument, that you can hold in the palm of your hand. It’s simple, complex, and endlessly interesting.
IMPORTANT: relax, have fun and enjoy–this journey will have lots of twists and turns-it’s a terrific ride.