What’s The Worst Harmonica You Ever Bought…And Why?!

Okay fellow harpsters and harpsterettes!

Sure, it’s one thing to ask peeps for their reviews on all the good harps they have, but how about the worst one(s) you ever got?

I always like to say that the best Hohner International BluesBand Made in China harmonica I ever played is the one that’s still in the box!

But did you ever have one of those “WTF was I thinking when I bought this piece of hanging metal dick dung?!” (Well, use your own expletives; I’ll stick with mine…Anyways!)

So is there any harp in my collection that, in this person’s humble opinion, is the absolute worst harmonica I ever bought? There is! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s my Chromatic M. Hohner Made in Germany [i]Chrometta 8

The what?

Yeah, a thing called the: Chrometta 8!

I don’t know where exactly I bought it; but I do remember that I was in a music store looking to buy a chromatic. Even at that time, they were priced over $100. So I saw this one in the case for under that, and what I could afford. In retrospect, I should’ve just saved my money for another day! :’(

Yes, it’s made well. Yes, it’s made in Germany. No, I don’t even believe they make them anymore. And if they do, stay away from them if you value your sanity!

Thing is: It’s only 8 holes. CD/EF/GA/BC – CD/EF/GA/BC two whole scales next to each other.

Thing is: I don’t read music. Just harp tab and #’d up and down arrows. So there’s no such thing nor has there ever been any tabbed music for this ‘the joke’s on you bubba’ piece of crap!

Yet even if I did read music, I still wouldn’t play on this thing.

Just recently though, from Pat Missin’s website, I linked over to the Wanderin’ Wilf’s Harp Surgery website and found this:


Interestingly enough, WW does provide tablature for 4-hole harmonicas. Yay!

Thing is though, WW is from Great Britain; and possibly 4-hole harps are big over in Europe. Here in the States, yeah, right, and well, I just don’t know!

But little consolation too, as it’s just straight 4-hole playing at that! Bummer!

Yes, I still own it. No, I’ll never play it. So now then: What’s the worst harmonica you ever bought…And why?!

Hohner Hot Metal

Beater harp to learn to tune and gap harps.

I don’t have many bad harps love GOLDEN Melodys…got special 20 Suzuki etc…out of all my harps the one I play the least is the Lee Oskar,
I’m sure its fine and a lot of people love them and they work well but for me I never pick it up…Sorry Lee, it’s probably just me though.

Yeah, Joe!

Some players swear by TOMBO Lee Oskars - Others don’t/won’t!

I see too, there’s a lot more Suzuki players on this site than I originally would’ve guessed as well!

Am supposing it’s all in availabilities and personal locations also!

Ah, so many choices…So few $$s at times to go around!

Keep on harpin’!


Hohner HooDoo Blues. The only reason I bought it because it was a 3 harp set in a zippered case. I wanted the case and paid about $7 on ebay. I threw the harps aside attached a clip, from an old measureing tape, and now I have a cool case I can clip on my belt with 3-5 harps and go to a jam or what ever. The harps should be an embarresment to Hohner.

Mwuahahahahahahaha!! Got me in :’( laughing so hard ;D

Hi SPD Hohner Silver star why? well its a piece of tin and plastic I was going to say some thing else but must be careful and it nearly turned me off the harp but it didnt go to waste I stripped it down to explore the inner workings of a harp up untill that point never even knew what the inside of one looked like so it did serve some purpose ,most things do. :slight_smile:

Hohner marine band, leaky as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

[i][u]it nearly turned me off the harp [/u] [/i] but it didnt go to waste I stripped it down to explore the inner workings of a harp up untill that point never even knew what the inside of one looked like so it did serve some purpose

I know the feeling PJD!

With beginner or starter harmonicas, either given to you as a gift or you buy yourself - once you discover just how crappy shitty they really are - it’s a wonder anybody stays with it to want to learn and play it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I opened my harmonicas too from early on. Had no idea what I was looking at or supposed to do with them. All I noticed was that the long pieces of metal (later to find they were called reeds) had sizeable gaps between them and the things they were attached to (the reed plates). I pressed them down and put the thing back together and it seemed to help for awhile.

It’s only just recently - in the past several years or so - with the internet and all the overwhelming information available in the harmonica universe, that one can now research and hopefully learn more things faster and better about the inner workings of this little instrument.

Of course, you still have to learn how to actually play the thing, and like anything else that takes time. But at least you know now you’re not alone in either your frustrations and successes along the way. :wink:

They still make crappy shitty harmonicas - but they also make better ones too. And so you can go from them to the good ones in faster time no problem as well.

Along the same vein, if only they’d make men’s razors like they used to - which would last a week or more on the blades - instead they’ve gotten worse and you’re lucky to get one and a half shaves out of them before it dulls and you end up tossing it for another one.

Whatta freakin racket, eh?! >:(


Keep on harpin’!

Hohner Marine Band.

I have several Suzukis (Promasters, Firebreath, Bluesmaster, Harpmaster) and just wanted to give the old classic (and base for all the high-dollar customizers) a try. What a hunk of junk that was. I’m not saying they’re all that way, but they should have been embarrassed to charge $30+ for something that poorly made. Had to immediately pop the hood and go to work on it. Just not worth the time and effort for me.

[move]Hohner Big River.[/move]
Leaky like blowing through a picket fence.
Piece of junk!!!

Oh come on Dave tell me how you really feel about your BIG RIVER ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


Harp On!!

Hi DavidT I see your reply about your B/River being junk n all I like the way you made the words move across the page cool! wish I could do that not very computer savvy any way like your B/R was cr*p and I totally believe you but last week out of curiosity I bought a B/R in key of B and I was telling SPD earlier on that it plays real well nice and smooth and the notes all sound OK but there again perhaps its early days and it may go bad on me any way dont know that much about harp quality as I am a freshman in this game…keep harping David

PJ above the smiley faces you see an “M” kind of scrolling all you have to do is highlight what ever you want to scroll across the screen.

I’ll type HOHNER BIG RIVER HOHNER BIG RIVER, now left click and highlight HOHNER BIG RIVER once its highlighted click the scrolling “M” above that should do it 8)

That I can tell you, about getting a good sound out of your Big River that your on your own with sorry :’(

Harp On!!

[font=Verdana]I [color=red]LIKE[/color] [color=purple][color=green]MY [/color] [/color] [color=brown]HOHNER [/color] [color=blue]BIG [color=maroon]RIVERS!! [/color] [/color] :smiley:[/font]

The first harp I bought was a Walmart First Act Harmonica. Damn thing is leakier than a colander full of water. The book and CD it comes with a pretty informative, though.

The first harp I bought was a Walmart First Act Harmonica.

A) Oh you poor poor man… :’(

B) Look how far you’ve come since! :smiley:


Keep on Harpin’!

Hey! That piece of junk was expensive. :slight_smile: I didn’t know if the harmonica was right for me at first, but one year later and I’m still harping (on/off). I now play a SP20–quality and affordability at it’s best. :smiley:


      [move][move] THANKS FOR THAT DAVID MAYBE i GOT A GOOD BIG RIVER :-\[/move][/move]