What’s The Worst Harmonica You Ever Bought…And Why?!

Hey SPD, I’m probably not good enough yet to even know how to judge my harps, but my Hohner Bluesband (though it plays well enough at first) gets difficult to produce tones, and I have to clean it out and retighten the plates. My Lee Oskar, though it is very consistent, doesn’t sound much better Bluesband. Maybe I got a great sounding BB, like the “one of one thousand.” Maybe I just sound bad on both.
I have another cheep-o tremelo harp that I won’t mention, but it fell into my hands, and I have fun with it sometimes (obvious junk even to me)…Brelli, I think. OOPS, I just mentioned it. I wish I had my Hohner chromatics back!

This is a really funny post… Thanks STD…

Basically… out of the box… Most harmonicas are too leaky for me… so most of them have been my worst… most of them are also slightly out of tune (i.e. they’re slightly sharp… but I think in Hohner’s case this is intentional to make them sound more “in tune” with the band… that’s a whole 'nother can of worms…)

I’ve had some Big Rivers I’ve like and I’ve had some I’ve hated…that goes for Lee Oscar, most of the hohner harps, huang, bushman… some of the Suzuki harps…

Most of the harps mentioned above will kick butt after some reed gapping (INCLUDING THE BIG RIVER) BUT… I DON’T LIKE SPENDING MY LIFE REED GAPPING ANYMORE… it’s time consuming… really fun… but time consuming…

MY FAVORITES:… out of the box… … with no need for reed gapping… (and not counting custom harps like Garrison, Turbo Harps etc… )… my favorite harps right now are The Hohener Special 20, Suzuki Harp Master, and Suzuki Manji


This is a really funny post... Thanks [i][u][b]STD[/b][/u][/i]....

If I can’t laugh at myself over that one slip of the finger faux paz then…mwuahahahhaha!! ::slight_smile:

Thanks JP - You just made my day! hahahahahhahahahaha!!! :smiley:


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I bought these because I needed a case for my harmonicas. I’m glad I only was really interested in the case. I didn’t expect the harps to be great, but these harmonicas are the worst thing I ever tried to play. I have tried cheap harmonicas before. The hohner pocket pal, bluesband, and the Hohner clearly colorful harmonicas are all way better than the Piedmont. The case is decent, and will make a good home for my better harmonicas (MS Bluesharp in G, Special 20 in C and Bushman Delta Frost in A), but I was hoping the harps themselves would be decent. I’ve seen open windows in a hurricane leak less air than these things. On one of them if I blow hole 9 hole 8 sounds as well because it is leaking so much internally. I guess I’ll pick out my friends with the most kids and give each child a different key so they can really irritate their parents.

Thing is, G-Man - I actually gave the Piedmonts a favorable review:


But since you didn’t care for them, I moved your topic under this heading here.

Ya’ll report! Ya’ll decide! :wink:

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You must have gotten the only 7 they built right ;D

Well two complete sets = 14 harps total!

Nah, I just fixed em up so that they’d play better is all!

Sure, they don’t beat any Spec20 or above; yet they’re much better than those gawd awful Hohner BluesBand International made in China contraptions by far! At least in my views anywhat!

Guess giving them as ‘noise makers’ to your friends’ kids - am figuring somebody’ll get good use out of them that way. Just wouldn’t want to know what you’re giving your enemies’ kids this year though!


While I wasn’t expecting very much when I bought my Piedmonts, I was really trying to expand my key range cheaply and figured I would replace the harps as I could afford to.
I find the Piedmonts to take almost 3 times the air to play as a Special 20 and very difficult to bend on.
I will be posting (I hope this week) “As The Deer” that our friend Tyson sent me the backing for and it is in the key of “D”. I don’t have a “D” in a “GOOD” harp but I can still play along in tune because of the cheep harps.
I found I could open up the harp and close up the gaps around the reeds and it helped cut down on the volume of air needed to play. It’s still not a Special 20 but LOTS better.

I found I could open up the harp and close up the gaps around the reeds and it helped cut down on the volume of air needed to play. It's still not a Special 20 but LOTS better.

Yeppers, that’s our indomitable frontier American spirit at it’s best and finest! :wink:

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Howdy Fellow Harpsters & Harpsterettes!

Today I received my latest order from our good friends at Musician’s Friend.

The package included one CX-12 Hohner Chromatic in C; and two Suzuki Overdrives in A & C.

For whatever reason, and to my favor, they packed three little harps in one big box. When I opened it, all the harps were out of the box, as if they were on the floor.

I say this is to my favor because:

Well, this is my very first Chromatic. And fortunately, since I’ve been reading up and studying about them, I know I have to do some minor adjustments on it. Okay, fair enough.

However though, the Suzuki Overdrive is a completely different story.

Although an apparent ‘solid’ made harp, as Suzukis seem to be - I have a Manji now too! – Still, the outside holes, which contribute to making/giving the Overdrive its name –

Well, for myself, I have to say: Stay clear of them! It’s nothing more than a gimmick!

And a cheap gimmick at that!!

Suzuki OVERDRIVE: A Unique Diatonic Harp

It might be all well and good for Brendan Power, but for the average Joseph like me – No dice!

So again for myself: Ovoid The Overdrives!!

Now to the good news! MF has always treated me fair, and I’ve always treated them square!

A nice chat with those nice folks, and these harps are on their way back with a refund to my credit card! Sans the S&H of course!

Unless I decide to invest in perhaps another Seydel or two; as well as learning the ins and outs of chromos – It’s strictly going to be customized harps for me from now on!


Keep On Harpin’!

And a very good job, too!!! Now when you get your self a better harp…then the fun begins! ;D