Hey people,

What song do you want to learn how to play? Or what is your favorite song to play?

I would love to learn the Star Wars theme which thanks to J.P Allen I’m earning :P. My favorite song to play is Bohemian Rhapsody!


I just want to know how to make the sound bow chicka wow wow. Mainly because of the song Brown Chicken Brown Cow. My kids think that song is hysterical even though they have no idea what makes it really funny.

How about a video of you playing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Ummm?

I would love to learn the Star Wars theme which thanks to J.P Allen I'm earning

Got this from SPD:

4B 6B
5D 5B 4D 7B 6B
5D 5B 4D 7B 6B
5B 4D 5B 4B

cool riff to play to the kids from 2 -12

Harp on!!

Here’s the Harp Surgery page on Star Wars. :wink:

And don’t forget to scroll down and take a gander at the YouTube clip provided as well! :smiley:

Keep on Harpin’!


I would like to learn “Wayfaring Stranger” as well as “Seminole Wind.”

Couldn’t resist this. I want to play this medley of tunes that Buddy Greene plays here below.

Buddy Greene at Carnegie Hall

Heck I’d like to play that first riff he does before he goes INSANE!!!

Harp on!!

I would like to learn "Wayfaring Stranger" as well as "Seminole Wind."

Well Harpman, as far as the former goes, here’s a very fine discussion and input from many here:


Oh and be on the lookout for JF’s great “Shenandoah” solo too! mwuahahahaha!!

As far as the latter goes, honestly, truthfully, I’ve been on the lookout for that since you asked a ways back. Besides requesting it through harptabs.com and waiting long for a response, if nobody else has any input on it, I just might have to devise a unique solution to assist you.


Keep On Harpin’!

Big time brain fart. Hey but I’ve been overworked lately ;D ;D

Shenandoah Wayfaring Stranger whatever same only different :wink:


As Grampa Harpster says: “Take whatever compliments you can get, lest you don’t get anymore afterwards!” :wink:

Keep On Harpin’!

I’m working on my first tune,Amazing Grace. Mostly because its a good solid tune that is recognizable so I know when its not right. I think John Barleycorn Must Die would be another good one.

I'm working on my first tune, Amazing Grace.

Ooh, so many versions of that one:


When I’m out on my bike, I like to ‘pick’ my points where I take my little breaks.

One of them is on the steps of an old wooden church.

And I sit there and play different versions of Amazing Grace, doing my best to play for the Man/Woman Upstairs - Know what I mean?!

Am not familiar with the other one, MP. But smiles! And keep on harpin’!

when our pipe band plays this tune it seems at least one person is always in tears.

Hi Mikepipe when you get it done you should record it on your computer and put it up here ;D

Would love to hear you play I’m sure it would come out great 8)

Record add some reverb to it it’ll sound great ;D

Harp on!!