What's a mic worth?

I don’t know where the right place to ask this question. I’m a new harmonica player, but I’ve done some woodworking. When I wanted a mic, I made one. Someone suggested I make a few and sale them. I have no idea what to charge for them, so I was wondering what people thought the mics would be worth. What would you be willing to pay for something like this? I’ll probably use several different types of wood and make a few to stock. This Mic is made from Bloodwood and Oregon Myrtle. The mic has 1/4 mono jack on the back and includes a volume control. It is ~ 1.5" in diameter and 2.75" long.

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What you should do is make a video of it in action a little demo
and post it up here.

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Dang bro! Looks good!

Absolutely, put up a video!

Just from a look, I would say somewhere around $50…but that might be high or low, depending on the action.


Keep in mind, I’ve only been playing for a few months, and this is only the second time I’ve really used the mic to do any recording. Here’s a quick recording I did (http://soundcloud.com/thehandcoder/a-simple-mic-test). Right now I imagine I’d have to get somewhere between $75 and $100 depending on the type of wood and type of elements.

What kind of element is in it? I had a wooden one for awhile. The maker added a small dowell with a wood cap that slipped between the fingers. I liked the size and holder, but didn’t like the element. Paid $40-50 for it. Sold it a few years ago.
That’s a really nice lookin’ one you made. Did you make that matching comb in the harp behind it? Those would probably sell too.

These are the electronics that are in the mic( http://www.harpmicshop.com/servlet/Detail?no=3) but I could make one to fit any element. I am really new to all this so I haven’t really figure out which elements I like which I don’t. Nobody really hears me play so don’t really have any outside opinions. Maybe I will take a couple to the next AHE meeting. I have already started on a couple more. Just need to figure out if there’s enough value to make it worth doing.

It looks very similar to the Australian made Loudbark mic.

Manufactured in Victoria by Loudbark for use with vocals, harmonicas, brass and other instruments. These wonderful timber microphones are low impedance (500 Ohms @ 1KHz) and thus work fine into an XLR vocal mic input or a low impedance instrument input.

Since the mic is at the high end of lo-Z mic impedance range (< 600 ohms, see Impedance Matching for Microphones: Is it Necessary at Shure, and Bruce Bartlett’s Impedence FAQ) and most modern amps use bridging inputs, plugging into Hi-Z inputs seems to work very well for us. See the Loudbark element specification sheet here.

I have an idea these retail in Oz in excess of AUD $150.00 each