What's The Smoothest, Easiest To Play Diatonic Out There?

After about 35 years of not playing, I want to get back into it… but only have my box of 40 year old Marine Bands and Blues Harps, much of them in pieces. I want to get a couple decent new harps but and confused by the reviews. Some recommend the Special 20’s, some a Lee Oskar, some the Seydel Session etc.

Seydel is too pricy. So if I want to stay in the $40 range… and I want to stay away from a wood comb, Which is my best bet?


JP sold me a Suzuki Manji and I love it ,

it is my last harmonica I have 8 of them

Really different from a cheap German made type.

I’m still a complete novice and therefore the value of my opinion may be questionable - Seydel is from my perspective the best out there - Blues Session Steel is what I have - just got the Summer Edition 6-harp set from Eezyreeder - ps - I get no kickbacks for the reference!

40 years and I still come back to Lee Oskar. They last forever and stay in tune. Special 20’s are a strong second. Slightly warmer but nowhere near as durable. All the 60-80 dollar harps I’ve bought have been a waste of money in IMO. Blues, Country, Rock… It’s Lee Oskar. I don’t get free harps or get anything from the manufacturers. Just the straight sh-t as I see it. P.S. Spacing is slightly wider on the Lee Oskar’s. This may affect some players differently. I think it makes individual notes easier to play. Try it.

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In the $40 price range I’d go for the golden melody personally. By far the most air tight harp in that price range and great for bends and overblows. Some people find the protruding reed plates difficult to get used to but they can also be a big help navigating the harp.