What's Up With This?

I have been playing harmonica for thirty years, yet here I am listed as a Harmonica Enthusiast. Am I really that far behind Harp Journeymen, Harpin’ Pro’s, and Harpin’ Extrodinaires? If that is the case, will I never reach the level of Harp Hero, of which I strive for? BTW, I have always considered myself a “Global Modulator”.
Mxuea Juxea

Chrome I’m pretty sure your light years ahead of me as far being able to play harmonica.

Them titles are based on the amount of posts you do.

No big deal.

Harp On!!

Yeah…its all in the number of posts…I am pretty sure it will be years before I ever get a few hundred posts under my belt. Its not really a status symbol, at least its not supposed to be! :stuck_out_tongue:

it just shows who has too much time on their hands.

lol Yeah it shows who wastes their life on this site. :stuck_out_tongue:

…or those who need to get out a bit more.

lol “Are you kidding?!??! This IS my social life!”

Shout Out BT!!

I never thought of this place as a waste of time, no, no…

I’m actually surprised, almost daily, of how nice and popular this forum has become and is –

Regardless of who posts or doesn’t at least there’s something of interest for our global members everywhere…

Hopefully, the Big Wigs will be adding even more dynamic links and programs to harmonica.com in the relative future.

Not to be cliche by any means, still though Rome wasn’t built in a day – And neither is/will be JP Allen’s forum/upgraded websites.

All in due time, my fellow harpster & harpsterettes…All in due time! :slight_smile:

Shout Out CA!

We discussed the various forum ‘tags’ here:


I still, albeit humbly – hehehehe – think it was one of my better ideas that passed the Big Wigs Seal of Approval!

And FYI: If I ever decide to retire from my “Global Modulating” position here, well I’ll be sure and happy to keep you in mind for/as a possible replacement! ;D

Until then though –

Smiles! :smiley:

Keep on rockin, Everyone!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

I’ve always looked at myself as a global mojo gator

Good one!