What's Your Biggest Harp Challenge Currently?

What is is the one thing that you’re trying to crack to take your harp playing to the next level?

Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

For me it seems to be bending hole3. I can do it if I think real hard, it’s not natural, yet. Also it depends on key of harp. I can bend 3 on a C alot easier than my A.

No doubt about it, tongue blocking slapping for effects, Just really like the sound of the tongue coming on and off that
harp, for them effects, chords to single notes. Want to get good at that in a bad way. Done right makes it sound
like 2 harmonica’s are playing at the same time…Do you know what I mean.

Harp on!!

Throat vibarto. I’m really starting to close in, I can do it, but it sounds horrible. Just a few more weeks now :slight_smile:

After that I guess will have to get serious about overblowing.

And of course there’s the three eternal challenges: Ear, intuition and rythm.

Yo Whiskat (formerly known as God)!

I’ve been working on that throat vibrato lately also.

It’s something I’m tackling to get my muscles built up to do.

Good luck with that as well!

Yo Tyson (formerly and still known as Tyson)!

I posted these links before; they helped me; I’m sure they’ll help you here too:



Only thing is, bro, you just might have to read and click on some links. ::slight_smile:

You might want to do what I do, especially if it doesn’t require any typing, that is: Keep the harp in one hand and the mouse in the other! :wink:

Far be it for me to take anyone away from their practice sessions having to read lil ole me and all the other good folks here too! :o mwuahahahahahaha!

It’s all good, my friend! It’s all good! It really truly is!! :slight_smile:


Keep on harpin’!

Thanks, SPD. I’m already all over Harpsurgery. Got it stuck in favorites… one click away.

Cool Beans, Tyson!

I have it on my faves toolbar too!

Yet the only thing is, the harp surgeon used to have a forum!

Yes, it’s true! I found this site through a jump link from Pat Missin’s site.

And there was a decent forum going on there. They really had some good conversations, akin to what we have going here now.

But the sad thing is, I went back over there during the Labor Day Holiday and I couldn’t find the forum!

In one of their postings, some members were discussing Adam Gussow’s site and forum. That’s another great place. However, due to some mischief and bad behaviour from outsiders, Adam had to eventually, sadly, lockdown his forum from new members.

I don’t know what happend to the harp surgery forum, as I couldn’t find any mention of it anywhere.

If anybody here was a fan of the site, perhaps they can fill us in.

Or maybe, I’m looking in the wrong place. IDK!

But harptab.com is no longer the great reference site it used to be either.

IDK! I just don’t know!

Smiles anyways always!

Keep on harpin’!

Peace & SPD Out!

We’ll just have to re-invent the wheel…so to speak. 8)

Getting a full 2 step bend on the 3D whilst playing fast Irish fiddle tunes.

Pretty much everything. :smiley:
I’m kinda new. Well actually, I’ve had JP’s program for a while but I’d gotten away from it but I’m back.
I have the understanding of the basics, it’s now about doing what people suggest and keeping the harp with me and practicing whenever I can to make it all come together into something.


The only basic thing I would suggest for you and I’m no expert far from it is to set aside
sometime every day, every day!! To dedicate to practice and then work on getting
just a little bit better every day.

Harp On!!

Thing is, once you’ve learned to blow and suck on the harp from the very first time out - You pretty much can’t go backwards anymore! :wink:

Ain’t that right, Joe?! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, C.H.!


Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Finances. Can’t afford that JP boxed course. That my santa wish.


Well MP!

Am sure you’ll get that long before you get those Bob Dylan harps, eh?!

I’m pulling for you, buddy! :wink:

Dear Harmonica Santa:

Please answer Mike’s and everybody’s wishes this year!

Your pal,

SPD! :slight_smile:

Street Dude, thanks so much for that link to Harpsurgery. WOW, it was definately an aha moment. In 5 minutes, I can bend 1 through 4, and a little on 5. It was so well explained. I love this forum.

um yeah okay cool beans Stanbo…but don’t be shy now tell me what you really think of lil ole me and the forum…go on dude I can take it!


always happy to help you find your own a-ha eureka moments; and so happy others are helping all of us here too!


keep on harpin’!

peace & spd out!

I didnt at all mean to say that I can now bend notes at will. What I really meant was, I bent notes on holes 1-4 and a little on 5. They don’t have any tone quality yet but now I kinda understand what I am trying to do, which is the aha moment. This forum has facilitated so much harp info it is just great. I was thanking you for posting the link. Thats all.

Then you have your foot halfway in the door all ready, Stanbo! From here it’s just a matter of practice :wink:

Well, I’m tryin’ to git 3 draw bend down low, cos’ I’m learnin. some irish tunes ??? ::slight_smile:

the ever helpful SP Dude pointed me up the right street :wink:

Ya, I’m thinking the same thing whiskat,

Stanbo, if you can bend once and hit that bend stop! memorize where your tongue is
exactly, Then try and copy that. If that works just keep doing it till muscle memory
kicks in and you’ll have that bend forever.

Try working on one hole at a time.

I love this software to help me get the bends perfect, Its got a free trial I purchase
after that and use it all the time, here’s the link. http://www.harpsoft.com/

Try using your C harp and do 3B 3D" 3D 4B 4D 5B 5D and go back and forth
till you have it memorized then follow with that software program and watch
that 3D"…You’ll be playing G A B C D E F notes.

Thats helping me a lot right now.

hot rod you and me both practice that above it’s helping me

harp on!!