What's Your Biggest Harp Challenge Currently?

Ace let me try and answer a couple of your questions ;D

“How about working on Oh When The Saints Go Marching In”

4 5 -5 6 4 5 -5 6
Oh when those Saints go march-in’ in

4 5 -5 6 5 4 5 -4
Oh when those Saints go march-in’ in

5 -4 4 4 5 6 6 6 -5
Lord I want to be in that num-ber

5 -5 6 5 4 -4 4
When the Saints go march-in’ in.[/b]

It’s definitely a personal preference, There’s so many choices :-\ You just have to try the one that
works best for you ??? I have heard people say thay hate GM and also say the love them.
I know this I think both harps cost about 35 bucks. If you want my opinion GM’s work great for me. ;D

??? ???my opinion if your just starting out stick with 1st position for now and don’t worry
about any other positions. Simply put and I don’t mind someone correcting me on this is. 1st position is using
your “C” harp to play with a tune in “C”, “D” harp “D” tune…etc… :wink:

I had a problem getting a 2D correct, without the bend it will come with practice, don’t give up :stuck_out_tongue:
When you breathe in on 2D make sure you have a good seal and you open up the back of your
:wink: That means the back of your tongue has to be lowered to make a nice large opening back
there. Opposite of when you bend it. Pretty tricky but I know you’ll get it.

Harp on!!

I have “When the Saints Go Marching In” in the book “Harmonica for dummies”. I would also prefer a different song. Either rock songs like “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, or slow/smooth (don’t really know the genre) songs like “Imagine by John Lennon”.

I think i’ll have my Special 20 for a long time, but when i get a new one, what should i get? Should i stay with in the Hohner brand, go into Suzukis or Lee Oskars (?), or maybe go into custom harps?

I tried dropping my tongue and jaw and it worked, it just isn’t comfortable. Maybe i just have to get used to it.

I have "When the Saints Go Marching In" in the book "Harmonica for dummies". I would also prefer a different song. Either rock songs like "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi, or slow/smooth (don't really know the genre) songs like "Imagine by John Lennon".

I always liked Bob Dylan’s Blowin in the Wind it’s real easy tune and once learnt it kind of stays with you forever or it did for me anyways.
If you don’t know the tune listen to it on you tube a couple times and then learn it with the tab ;D

Song: Blowing in the wind:
6 6 6 -6 6 -5 6 5 -4 4
How man-y roads must a man wa-lk down

5 6 6 -6 6 -5 6
be-fore you call him a man?

5 -5 6 6 6 -6
Yes ‘n’ how man-y seas

6 -5 6 5 -4 4
must a white do-ve sail

5 6 5 -5 -5 5 -4
be-fore she sleeps in the sand?

5 -5 6 6 6 -6
Yes ‘n’ how man-y times

6 -5 6 6 5 -4 4
must the can-non ba-lls fly

5 6 6 -6 6 -5 6
be-fore they’re for-ev-er banned?

5 -5 -5 5 -4
The an-swer, my friend,

-4 5 5 5 -4 4
is blow-in’ in the wind,

5 -5 -5 5 -4 -4 4 -4 4
The an-swer is blow-in’ in the wind.

This is where I played and recorded it with a backing track.
Real easy to do :wink:


Lots of free software to record on your computer free backing track (midi).
Then turn it into an mp3 and put it on your IPOD and you have it forever.

Harp on!!

Ace, On my instructional video “Simply HARMONICA” by Steve Williams he discribes getting a note to bend by imagining your sipping a milkshake and a chunk of thick ice cream gits stuck it the straw. Naturally to suck the clog on through, the back of your tongue and jaw drops to provide the added pressure needed to pull the cream on through. It’s not the pressure but this position needed to bend.
This may not make since but think of bending as redirecting the air stream to hit a different point on the reed. I’m just learning this myself and this helped me.
He also suggests when you know you have it bent correctly to hold it as long as possible to encourage muscle memory.
Good Luck!!!

Definitely playing alone, without a jam track or anything. I feel like a band is where i belong and my stuff all sounds the same when i try to come up with an original harp thing on a one-man basis. It’s okay when i play harp and guitar together, but i want to do stuff like i see on Adam Gussow videos…just raw harp and nothing else. It would be cool to carry Jam night alone until the other guys and gals showed up if they were late like they often are. That’s my current challenge.

To me that’s like nervousabout playing in the local theater with dreams of being a movie star! If your on stage and having a good time and welcomed, you’ve got it made in my book.

[u]Shout Out to Ace

I’m copying this from another topic thread:

Someone said (was it Tyson?) that no good ever comes from counting the cost of one's hobby.

What this means is, as far as your instrument of choice now goes - That nothing in the harmonica universe you’re going to ever do is free!

Sure, yes, on the one hand, you have free YouTube videos, free JP Allen email lessons, and even free advice from this place and elsewhere.

However, even if you get all the harmonicas and harpin’ gear in the world you want by the kindness of your parents and so forth - Well, seriously, in order to play you have to pay your dues!

I have never read anywhere - And I read a lot! - That harmonica playing was easy.

I did and do read that anybody who willing puts in the time and effort, even if they have to struggle with this or that technique for however long it takes - Can and does accomplish them eventually! Not even Jason Ricci was born playing a harmonica, yo!

At the same time - When it comes to which harmonica should I get? Which harmonica is best and all that jazz?!

Well, we who have invested in them can only give you our reviews of how and what we feel about them. There is no ONE perfect harmonica for everybody!

{Well Harrison USA is working on making the best harmonicas they can for everybody. However too, at their rates, it’s more a luxury item for even the most experienced player - amatuer, pro and whatever! So that doesn’t even come into play here at this time.}

As far as thinking customized and all that jazz?! Well, if you are well off and you have the backing of somebody somwhere - Okay Great! That’s how Tiger Woods and the Williams Sisters got their starts. More power to you, dude! Sincerely…

On the other hand, if not - Well, your money is going to be going into your hobby now. So looks like washing cars, raking leaves, part time jobs and all that is going to get you there.

And yet, you’ll still have to pay your dues on whatever harmonicas you do get anyways. That’s a fact, jack!

Now as far as songs and stuff goes - Well there are plenty of free harp tab sites on the internet. We post plenty of them here for everybody to learn from when we discover them.

However, you have to realize not all music is harp tabbed. That’s just the way it is. Not even harptabs.com can keep up with it all!

So if you find or want to play something that isn’t harp tabbed – Well, the next thing is to get the sheet music which is always avaiable, and learn how to read and play the music using the harmonica.

But then realize you’re now entering into Howard Levy territory who was a piano player and musician first before he ever picked up a harmonica. And he had to pay his dues on this instrument too!

Bottom line for you now is: All teachers and all students say the 2 and 3 hole are difficult to get to. All teachers and all students say any type of draw/blow bending, even before you bring overdrawing and overblowing into the picture, is difficult to get to.

Not to even mention just playing solid tunes with single notes! That’s not easy either. Yet it is an accomplishment when you can and will do it.

And still, it’s all part and parcel of the harmonica universe, bro!

We can give you advice on what we do and have done; direct you where to go to get help, even if that requires you buying tapes, books, lessons, etc. –

And we support you in your efforts always!

However, if you push yourself too hard and too fast - Well, actually, we’re not going to get frustrated, although we sympathize because we know too those feelings - But really, it’s going to be your frustations alone. And yes, that’s just the way it is as well.

Better for you to take it slow, steady, and easy. And then you’ll find you’ll be making quantaum leaps and having plenty of Aha-Eureka moments that will blow your mind!

Hope this helps you along the way of your harmonica journey!

As always: Have Fun!

Keep us posted!

Keep on Harpin’!

Peace & SPD Out!

[u]Shout Out to Conga Ron in Sedalia, Mo

At least you’re not here, broski:


So keep on jammin’, eh?! :wink:

SPD Out!

LOL…THANKS… yeah, it’s not a nerves thing…it’s just lack of skill. I’m just not there yet i guess. Time and practice and i’ll either figure it out or stick with bands…not bad.

I’ve put in this link elsewhere here, Ron. But one more time won’t kill the forum! hehehe!


Go inside and download his free Musician’s Handbook. It’s a great reference and Randy offers words for harmonica players to start living by.


Actually, instead of going on to a new technique, i’m going to practice single notes and moving from note to note. I’m also practicing jumping over more than one note. I’m moving bending and all that away for now.

Thanks for the help!


Sounds like a plan, little brother! :slight_smile:

Gotta have goals, man! Just don’t run em all at once, eh?! :wink:

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

To get tabs of songs?

Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for -

But this is a one time deal here!

Google “Harmonica Song Tabs” and everything starts from there.

Well i want to get tabs of some of the local songs as i m from Pakistan.but i can’t find their tabs so i want to know how get tabs of any song? is there any way/method by which one can figure out tabs of a song or is there any kinda software available?

Well I can’t help you out on your local music, S2.

The only things I can offer are some of these programs here:




I’m sure there’s more available.

Since nobody here has given any reviews, I myself haven’t downloaded any of these yet.

If somebody has and offers any reviews, okay.

If not, well, maybe we can fix that too!

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

And Welcome to the Forum from Pakistan!

What I would do if I were you is pick a song you want and get the regular sheet music
for it. Then go through it note for note and find the notes on the harp you want to use ;D ;D

You know how to find the notes on the harp I hope, there is this software title I like to use
for lots of stuff and it will work to find the notes for you 8)


So you need to now just get the sheet music and match the notes to the holes you need to play.

Then when your done try it and see if if works.

Theres software that does this also.

Try that first and then try some of the software titles that SPD talked about above.

You should be able to get the sheet music on line to the song you want to tab.

Doing it by hand is a little tedious.

But it will work hopefully.

Harp on!!

Or you could post a link to someone else playing the songs and one of us could try to tab it out for you. What scale do you use in Pakistani folk music?

One of us could try to tab it out for you.

I nominate Whiskat (formerly known as God) currently known as Mr International Man of Harpsters & Harpsterettes!!

Anybody Second that vote?!

Time to change your name again Whiskat MIMOH&H… ;D ;D ;D ;D

Harp ON!!