Hey all…

I’d love to hear about any harmonica videos that you like that are free on the internet.

It doesn’t have to be your very favorite video. Any video that you want to share I be stoked to check out.

I thought for this post we could stick with the topic of Entertainment as opposed to education.

I searched for an hour to find my favorite Howard Levy video but couldn’t find it so I’m going to start with my first harmonica idol Sonny Terry:

Hope you enjoy!


This took me about 30 seconds to decide.

I’m gonna say Buddy Greene at Carneige Hall ;D

A Harmonica In Carnegie Hall

Harp On!!

Well the choices are easy here. My Two “Sarahs” in different lights now!

As far as the dude goes, I don’t know. Still undecided. I don’t think he has a chance, but I could be in err! We’ll see! Keep on harpin’! :slight_smile:

woman with a woman, une femme avec une femme

Are we much too old for love?


Great topic, JP!

For me - hands down: Slow Blues, James Cotton!
Even if you are not a blues [harmonica] fan, I encourage everyone to watch and listen to this vid all the way through. 8)
Talk about -feeling- and playing the blues…wow.

James Cotton - Slow Blues

The Uppercut - rock harmonica

Sonny Terry (audio only)

Wow! A Victrola player and 78 rpm record! :o

Kids today don’t know what they’re missing out on anymore! :-\

Groovin with Mr Bloe :wink:

Groovin With Mr. Bloe - Mr. Bloe (With Annabelle)

A harmonica sheep?! Yeah right…I’ll believe that when…Well I’ll be hanged in bacon strips…Dammit boy!! :o

Flying Pig - Roger Waters Live May 11th 2008 Landgraaf

I really enjoy looking at Peter (Madcat) Ruth with his Harmonica Crazy.

Have Fun, John

MadCat Harmonica Crazy

Absolutely love the Madcat! ::slight_smile:


All of the above, although I must say that Buddy Greene is pretty much tops for me. Although the way Christel plays Leonard Cohen’s Halallujia and Georgia On My Mind are very good also.
I couldn’t find it, but she has a vid of her playing blues at a night club, awesome!

Why not!!

HOWARD LEVY’sh don’t ya think :-\

Harp On!!

Halfway through the James Cotton Video my 5 year old said “He’s doing good Daddy”. :slight_smile:

Alright, Joe!!! Go get 'em!!

I like sooo many of the youtube videos. I’m a huge Rick Estrin fan along with Charlie Musselwhite, Sonny Boy Williamson and that James Cotton slow blues is killer.
But currently I’m really diggin’ this piece by Sugar Ray Norcia, “Life Will Be Better” – been learning it for my own gigs. The words are killer and fit the song perfectly.
(I tried to embed the video but couldn’t make it work.)

Hey Joe,

Was that you in the above video or was that “Billy”.

Loved it.

Yup that was me.
That was the toughest hardest song I’ve had to play yet. And it wasn’t quite up to speed maybe 95 percent if I remember right ;D

Glad I got that tune behind me.

Harp on!!

I was searching You Tube for kids playing harmonica to show my Grandson and ran across this- thought I’d share… kid has a good ear!..

5 year old harmonica player with a perfect ear

And here is another that is a good player…


I bought a couple cheep harmonicas on Amazon for my grand kids (5 and 9). I will teach them the basics that I have learned when I go up to visit next weekend (Thanksgiving). If my Daughter-in-law makes a video I will share it with you all. I tried them both out. They are a little difficult . The plastic one has texture which makes it difficult to slide your lips across because it isn’t smooth. The one I got my grandson you can hear air escaping, so now I know what they mean by being “air tight”. If he seems to enjoy it I will get him a better one later on.

Did you happen to catch the performance of this Bob Dylan/Neil Young ‘phenom’ yet, JoAnn?

The greatest 2yr old Harmonica Player in the World


The plastic one has texture which makes it difficult to slide your lips across because it isn’t smooth.

The Hohner Piedmont Blues are like that as well. However, while they’re made in China and have plastic bodies, a whole set of them in the major keys runs less than $25. Seems Amazon has a special with one of their music suppliers here:


Oh, and I do like the Piedmonts too myself!

Keep On Harpin’!

all the known and not so known great players … great enjoyment.
but for me right now as a real beginner that guy in response #4 really rocks.
just youtube
hakan ehn
lots of good stuff on harmonica youtube.