OK, all the greats mentioned above, including Terry McMillan, BUT…
after watching the video, I have to vote for JOE! Way to go JOE! Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that axe in hour hand?
Now for JP…JP the Blue Ridge Mountain Man!
In that video, wearing your harp hanger, you look like you’re wearing overalls.
That will put you in good standing with our people here around the Blue Ridge Escarpment. You are now an honorary redneck. Congratulations! You might not have been born one, but you got here as fast as you could.
I think I’ll put in a vote for JP too. Not only does he lay down some great soundwaves, but he has a real heart to help harp beginners.
But I’m stickin with Joe for today. He worked hard on that piece, and it shows. Success.


Joe, man, you got one BIG carport!


Just now got around to watching you Joe. Way to go!

Hey BB that’s kind of a Redneck tune “BILLY IN The Lowground”

Can I be an honorary redneck also ;D

Thanks Joe