What's your play along list?

Greetings, I just joined the fun here. Glad to have found JP and this forum. I just started playing 4 months ago at age 47. My main interest is blues (of course) even though there are people here that enjoy other types of harp playing. I do enjoy listening to Bob Dylan, Bruce, Neil Young etc. but my desire is to learn blues.

So, here’s my question aimed at the blues players out there – Realizing that most don’t “practice” per-se, but rather -play- I am wondering… when you play along to songs, what is your favorite top 10 blues songs in the key of G that you like?
Not jam tracks, or midi’s but actual blues songs.


Well get ready Tica thats a great topic that I would be very interested in myself.

I am not a blues guy really.

I am more of a tunes guy for me much easier to play. But I am dying to learn and feel the blues
(in music anyways).

Dylan is my guy IPOD IS FULL OF HIM.

I just read your question again really good question

I am wondering... when you play along to songs, what is your favorite top 10 blues songs in the key of G that you like?
Ya cause I'm always trying to play along with the radio or whatever mp3 is playing.

For blues especially for me it would be nice to know that top 10 list…

Do you have a couple you like :-\

Harp on!!

well Joe for the blues you need to lose your job ,your wife runs off,truck breaks down , your fiddle gets stolen, and your dog dies,wait a minute thats country oh sorry

Now Thats Down Right Funny!! STUBS :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic might be a little hard because you might have a bluse song you like a lot but you might not know what key
it’s in. So it make’s it tuff to play with.

Like I said when I am listening to the radio I’ll pull out my harp and try to play along sometimes it works but more often
than not it doesn’t. I’m sure it’s because I’m in the wrong key.

I can’t tell what key music is playing in without the help of some online software program that helps with that.

So sometimes I get lucky and most times not.

Harp on!!

you need to lose your job ,your wife runs off,truck breaks down , your fiddle gets stolen, and your dog dies,

Hobo forgot to mention your twin daughters get pregnant by the same guy…at the family picnic reunion!

Now that’s Country!!

You hit one of the nails on the head! I am never sure of what key the song is in. The only reason I mentioned songs in the key of G, well of course to go along with a C harp! ;D

I was hoping to begin compiling songs and labeling their keys so I could sort and play with the various keys. I guess if I could figure out how to determine the key of a song, I am 90% there.

its harder by ear,if you dont know what chords are being played,but there’s a trick if you want to play to a song by using the root notes from the position you going to play,example 2D unbent for second position ,listen to the song and play a 2D and it should sound like it fits the song if you have the right key of harp.so they tell me :slight_smile: try various keys and when it sounds good then it probelly the one needed.

Fine line Mr. Stubs. :smiley:

OK, here’s a cool one I am working on with my instructor. ‘Diggin’ My potatoes’ with Junior Wells and Buddy Guy:
(So, I have about 1% of this down) :wink:

Diggin’ My Potatoes - Buddy Guy & Junior Wells

I’m curious Tica what key harp do you use with that and do you just try and follow along with the harp thats already
there or do you improvise on your own.

Harp On!!

In the back of his book, Rock n’ Blues Harmonica, Jon Gindick lists many blues songs and what key they are in.

Some of my favorites are:

  1. Juke- Little Walter
  2. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl- Junior Wells
  3. Help Me- Sonny Boy Williamson
  4. Look at That- Kim Wilson
  5. One More Mile to Go- Sugar Blue.
  6. Mellow Down Easy- Little Walter
  7. My Babe- Little Walter.
    8.Superharp- James Cotton
  8. Blues with a Feeling- Paul Butterfield
  9. Hoodoo Man- Junior Wells.
    11 Have Mercy- Big Walter
  10. Worried About My Baby- Howlin’ Wolf
  11. Easy- Jimmy Reed

Of course, there are many, many more, so this is just for starters. Anything by Junior Wells is great

An A harp seemed to work. I both play along (play over/mutilate) and try to work with the tab my instructor gave me to practice without the song. Although the tab is not the same as the song, I think he is just getting me used to memorizing patterns and riffs. Muscle memory ya know ;D

Brilliant! I’ve got that book! I better dust it off and read… 8)