When do we start tunning.

I got my golden melody in the key of A today.
The 2 draw didn’t sound right, So got the meters on it.
These golden Melody’s are supposed to be tuned differently.
(The Golden Melody has equal temperament tuning for melody playing, which makes it a natural for Country Music, but it can still bring down the house on blues).
So. Do i get the file out, Or is this the way its meant to be.

Don’t really want to do anything to it. But…

On an equal tempered harmonica the notes are usually tuned to absolute straight up zero on your tuner neither sharp nor flat (most tuners have a light that signals IN TUNE). But most harmonicas SOB are tuned to 442 rather than standard “A” 440 because the very act of sounding a reed causes the reed to go a bit flat. If you had your tuner calibrated at 440 a 442 tuned harmonica is going to register flat.
If you have your tuner calibrated correctly the reed may indeed be flat, simply file material off the leading end of the reed (end opposite the rivet) until you reach the desired tuning. If you go to sharp, you can drop the pitch by taking material off the reed near the rivet end.
Super Prez

Thanks Super President. I will get my needle files out tomorrow.