New to harmonica and would like to meet more experienced players in Tucson. Music experience with bagpipe and penny whistle so I’m especially interested in Celtic music and learning single note and cord song playing.


Welcome MikePipe!

Once upon a time, I lived in Tucson way down past Broadway, and way down past Davis-Monthan airport! And certainly before they ‘connected’ all the mountains together!

The big truck stop near 22nd and the Circle K is famous for travelers, or is that infamous?! And I could tell you stories about Miracle Mile and 6th avenue as well…:o

Nevertheless, what I did over here now in the Northeastern Pennsylvania sector of the country was to ‘search’ the local internet pages – And I found some harmonica enthusiasts/groups in my general locale who share the same interests and goals as I do.

Not only that, one day the stars lined up and syzygy was in the air the day I met a fellow harpster in the bank line where I was cashing my check.

Point here is: I beleive and you never know where a/any muscian(s) with your same enthusiasm is/are going to show up – Let’s hope one or more appear here too!

Keep on smiling!

Keep on playing!

Thanks for reading!!

I’m in Kauai.

If you ever come to visit. Shoot me and email and we can jam.