Where can I buy a Hohner Special 20 in Miami


A friend of mine is in Miami until sunday and I asked him to buy a harp for me, So far he has gone to the sawgrass and best buy but no luck. Do you guys know if there is a store in the same area near the sawgrass where he could go and buy for me a hohner special 20 in the key of C?


It is best and cheepest to buy online. You could even ship it over night. Go to hohner website and see if they have a dealer locater.

Try a guitar center. They stock them.


around me the only thing in the stores are the low end harps. Spcial 20 and better I have to order.

Do a music store locator using Yahoo or similar for your area.

However, as others suggest, buying harps online are cheaper than what the music outlet will charge for overhead, profit, etc.

Don’t forget to look into JP’s online store for harmonicas, as his prices including S&H are competitive with other places.

Good luck!

Have Harp, Will Travel!

I would buy online, because you can get any harp any key! But thats me!


Thanks a lot Greg, My friend went to one of the Guitar Center stores in Miami, and bought me the special twenty. I’m amazed on how good it sounds compared to the cheap harp I had before.

I do plan to buy more harps online but I wanted to take advantage that my friend was there so I won’t have to pay shipping. I live outside the US so shipping can go from 6 bucks to 25 bucks.


Well that makes sense then!

Peace Out!


Congratulations on the new harp! I’m glad you found a quality harp in a store.