Where to go now?

Hi all,
I know some blues licks and am getting better at improvisation. I am worried though that I will stagnate and not make any progress, as I flick through the books I have and don’t know what else to do. I can do the basics and bend notes, I would describe myself as intermediate. I am not sure what more I can learn alone other than covering solos by the greats. I don’t know anyone who plays an instrument, or at least who wants to say they do, and am not sure where to go now on my own. Any ideas? How did some of you who are really good get past this stage? Is it best to continue improving on my own?
All advice welcome, thanks!
Lawrence in England

That’s a tough question Barratt because there’s always something to learn i don’t think
you ever finish learning this instrument.

Couple suggestions you could order JP’s bundle and work your way through that, that will
definitely improve your playing.

You could go to one of the on line schools www.harmonicaacademy.com you will find that
to be a real!! challenge. I know I’m there for over a year now.

Howard levy has an online school.

Lots of directions to go in. You could just continue to add to your reportoire and learn as
many tunes as you can. Try and memorize 20 tunes that you can play at the drop of a hat.

Get the midi’s of tunes you like and play and record yourself .

Get yourself 20 tunes up on youtube or more.

There you go, Go at it My man and let us know how your progressing.

Harp On!!

barratt> you have hit a wall. It happens to us all. Take a breather and work out what you are good at , what you like to do & what you want to do. It’s not that difficult to answer these.

When you have a clear idea of things seek out the resources needed ie what course or instruction would best suit to get you to where you want to be. All courses differ in their approach.

Joe has suggested an excellent online school that offers different learning options or a combination of all. You have to seek out & find what is best for you.

Thanks for your replies! I bought the Marine Band yesterday and it’s my first really decent harp. I also got a jam-along blues CD and am thinking this will really help improv and creating my own riffs.
Cheers for the websites Joe, I will definitely check them out. I’m really motivated to keep progressing!
Lawrence ;D

If you haven’t all ready you might want to start exploring the chords and their progressions. If you have a piano available it can be good to supplement with the theory.

What are chord progressions and where can I go to start learning about them?

Hi, a chord progression is a series of chords that are put together to make a repeating tune. (this won’t be the exact definition xD) For example, the 12 bar blues can be made into a chord progression. Google or Youtube ‘12 bar blues’ and get the single notes. You can make a blues shuffle playing chords, start with the single notes and bleed into some others to get the chords. Just experiment, but start by learning the 12 bar blues.

Adam Gussow has a great video on this, search it up. If you still have questions feel free to PM me and I’ll try to answer them.

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What are chord progressions and where can I go to start learning about them?
Here's a good start:


Once you understand ‘where’ the chords are located in/on the musical score itself – Then find some old sheet music and look for the chords there.

Then this:


Along with:


Can really help you along the way!

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks SPD!
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